We Defend Life...And We Have Alexandra DeSanctis to Prove It

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May 23 2019



Marchers rally outside the Supreme Court during the 46th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., January 18, 2019. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)


Dear NR Friend,

When I want to know the truth about some abortion-related controversy in America, I read National Review.

I know what you're thinking: "Rich, you're the editor in chief, of course you read National Review."

Well, true, but I still find no other source out there that is as acute and reliable on the topic as the one you're reading right now.

In fact, I don't think there's any general-interest publication in America that publishes as much, as consistently, of such stellar quality on this foundational issue as we do.

Just this year we've published scores of pieces, and it's only May.

If you want to know the real import of what Ralph Northam said in his infamous radio interview, if you want to know the consequences of extremist pro-abortion legislation in places such as New York, if you want to know the truth about the heartbeat bills, if you want to know the real state of the law, if, in short, you want to know about this issue in all its moral and legal permutations, you must read NR.

If this coverage means anything to you, I humbly ask that you considered supporting it at whatever level you can.

We publish the work of Ramesh Ponnuru and David French, who are one-man truth squads on this issue. We publish the work of John McCormack, the only national political reporter in America who consistently holds the feet of pro-abortion politicians to the fire.

But I mostly want to bring to your attention one of our journalists in particular.

If you asked me what we especially need in this moment when abortion policy has a new salience — when the Left is all-in on a no-restrictions absolutism and when Roe might be in play — I'd say a talented young woman who is passionate about the pro-life cause, extremely knowledgeable, prolific, combative when necessary, and utterly, completely fearless.

In other words, I'd say we need Alexandra DeSanctis.

And fortunately, we have her. If we didn't, we would've had to invent her in a laboratory.

A goodly portion of those articles I mentioned above were written by Xan (as we call her). She follows this debate obsessively. She lets no BS pass, and is the greatest friend pro-life legislators and advocates have.

She is extremely versatile. She can write long-form reports on the story behind the Trump administration's stalwart pro-life policy-making and quick-hit blog posts on the outrage of the hour. She does videos and podcasts, and takes no guff on Twitter.

We'd like to take credit for "discovering" Xan, but it was more like out of Notre Dame, she discovered us. What we've done is give her a platform and a lot of running room as she's done the rest.

We've been lucky that for about 60 years now such talented young journalists have been finding us. Few things were more gratifying to WFB than growing young talent, and it's remained a priority of ours to this day.

It's just another reason you should consider supporting what we do — it's not just for us, it's for the budding young conservatives who are reading us in high school (as I did) who someday might work here and make a difference for the cause.

When you support National Review, you support life. When you support National Review, you support Alexandra DeSanctis. When you support National Review, you support opportunities for young journalists who will influence our public debate for years to come.

After Roe v. Wade, we pro-lifers were always supposed to go away. We were on the wrong side of history. The tide of public opinion was sweeping us away. Social issues were costing the Republicans and had to be jettisoned (as we were told in "the autopsy" and countless other campaign post-mortems).

We never accepted that and never will. We never stopped making the case, not in 1973, not now.

Here is the entire list of our abortion coverage so far this year as of a couple of days ago, and it's already out of date. Below is our coverage just so far this month. Please consider what these pieces are worth to you. Maybe it's nothing. Fine. But I expect it's very important to a lot of you, so I ask you to consider chipping in on the basis of this coverage. Maybe you want to count the pieces accordingly, and think of each piece as worth $.01, or $.10, or $10.

Whatever it is, we will be very grateful and it will go to supporting a publication that has kept the faith on this issue for a long time and is committed to continuing to do so for as long as necessary.

Thank you very much.


Rich Lowry

    May 20

  1. John McCormack: Biden Flips on Hyde Amendment
  2. Kathryn Jean Lopez: Love in the First Degree: After the Alabama Abortion Law
  3. Ramesh Ponnuru: NPR's Abortion Rules
  4. Robert VerBruggen: The Return of 'Abortion Cut Crime'
  5. May 17

  6. Robert VerBruggen: Heartbeat Bills: The Tactical Question
  7. Alexandra DeSanctis: The Equality Act Could Mandate Abortion Funding
  8. David French: In Missouri, Another Supermajority Passes Another Heartbeat Bill
  9. Ramesh Ponnuru: Pro-Life Incrementalism, Continued
  10. Ed Whelan: Some Thoughts on Overruling Roe
  11. Jim Geraghty: What Challenging Roe vs. Wade Might Look Like Today
  12. Kevin Williamson: The 50-Way Abortion Fight
  13. Mona Charen: Democratic Politicians Ignore Pro-Life Women
  14. May 16

  15. Ramesh Ponnuru: Personhood Confusion in the New York Times
  16. The Editors: How Best to Protect Life
  17. Alexandra DeSanctis: Heartbeat-Bill Opponents Reveal Their Own Incoherence
  18. May 15

  19. Ramesh Ponnuru: Slate on Abortion and Democracy
  20. David French: Alabama and Georgia Are Throwing Down the Gauntlet against Roe. Good.
  21. Alexandra DeSanctis: The Abortion Bill in Alabama Would Be the Strictest Pro-Life Law in the Country
  22. May 12

  23. Kevin Williamson: The Case for Being Born
  24. May 11

  25. David French: No, Georgia's Heartbeat Bill Won't Imprison Women Who Have Abortions
  26. May 10

  27. Alexandra DeSanctis: A Thousand Pro-life Protestors Pray outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia
  28. May 9

  29. Alexandra DeSanctis: Video: Four Arguments Republicans Should Make to Defund Planned Parenthood
  30. Kevin Williamson: Does Brian Sims Hear Himself?
  31. May 8

  32. John Hirschauer: Was Brian Sims Courageous for Heckling an Elderly Pro-Life Protester?
  33. May 7

  34. Alexandra DeSanctis: CNN Contributor: 'When a Woman Is Pregnant, That Is Not a Human Being inside of Her'
  35. May 6

  36. Alexandra DeSanctis: Alabama Democrat Says Doug Jones Privately Agreed with Pro-Abortion Comments
  37. Alexandra DeSanctis: Pennsylvania State Representative Harasses a Peaceful Pro-Life Activist
  38. Alexandra DeSanctis: What if We Acknowledged What Abortion Is?
  39. May 5

  40. George Will: 'Heartbeat Bills' Are Wholesome Provocations in the Abortion Debate
  41. May 3

  42. Alexandra DeSanctis: Students Shout Their Abortions to Disrupt a Pro-Life Display
  43. May 2

  44. Alexandra DeSanctis: Democratic State Rep. Makes Horrifying Pro-Abortion Comment
  45. May 1

  46. Alexandra DeSanctis: Playing Politics with Pregnancy in South Bend

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