NR Daily: John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum Is Amazingly, Amusingly Violent

If you take the latest adventures of Keanu Reeves's titular assassin for what they are, you'll leave the theater sufficiently thrilled.

May 15 2019



John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum Is Amazingly, Amusingly Violent

Kyle Smith

If you take 'John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum' and Keanu Reeves's titular assassin for what they are, you'll leave the theater sufficiently thrilled. Read More


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Pasolini Explores the Disgusting, Brave Work of a Great Filmmaker

Armond White

"Pasolini" explores a filmmaker's personal and public responsibility in an era when political society races to the bottom. It asks, as did Pasolini himself, "How low can we go?"

I Wouldn't Vote for Gillibrand — That Doesn't Make Me a Sexist

Katherine Timpf

Using sexism as an explanation every time something goes wrong for you is an excellent way to make people stop listening to accusations of sexism at all.

Vermont Replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day

Mairead McArdle

Vermont on Friday became the sixth state to eliminate Columbus Day, replacing it with Indigenous People's Day.


Smooth Sailing Ahead for Trump

Conrad Black

Barring something completely unforeseeable, this president will have a stronger argument for reelection next year than any president since Richard Nixon in 1972, if not Franklin D. Roosevelt's double reelections in 1936 and 1944.

The Folly of Protectionist Tariffs

Michael Tanner

If we should have learned anything from history, it is that the free market does more to help people escape poverty and move up the economic ladder than the government ever could.

The War on Prosecutors

Barry Latzer

The prosecutors didn't cause the incarceration buildup; soaring crime and public demand for a more punitive criminal-justice system did.

Get Smart on China

The Editors

Both the country's economic interests and Trump's political interests counsel in favor of making progress with China while minimizing the damage that both our tariffs and its inflict on us.

Graham Urges DOD, State to 'Explain to Us What's Going On' as Iran Tensions Mount

Jack Crowe

Senator Lindsey Graham on Wednesday urged officials to explain why they felt inclined to withdraw diplomatic personnel from the U.S. embassies in Iraq.




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