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ZZzzzzupreme Court

Dear Weekend Jolter , We do hope that you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day and its aftermath, and maybe are still in the glow of that annual turkey-induced coma/nap. By the way, even though the turkey causa est old-wives-talery is a load of gastronomic stuffing, that's one party we will not officially poop. But the week did begin, for NR, with a sizeable and official party-poopage: On Monday, the United States Supreme Court, guardian of the First Amendment and defender against all those who wish to curtail, limit, gag, hinder, abuse, muffle, and duct-tape it, was napping while on duty. It formally denied this institution's request (officially, our Petition for a Writ of Certiorari ) that it take up National Review v. Mann , the case which many believe, correctly, is the current major threat to the right we thought so unalienable. Alas, it seems to be quite . . . alienable. This grimacing by Your Humble Correspondent should not distract you from the dissent (a rare thing ..