NR Daily: The Underwhelming Elton John Musical

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May 29 2019



The Underwhelming Elton John Musical

Kyle Smith

I'm struggling to imagine the pitch meeting for this movie. Read More


Top Stories

When They See Us: A Demoralizing, Sentimental Plea for Revolution

Armond White

In the new series When They See Us, Ava DuVernay and Netflix deliver zeitgeist fever.

Netflix Will Have to Pay to Punish Georgia

Kyle Smith

Taking a planned feature out of Georgia might mean adding many millions to the budget. A few million in budget is sometimes the difference between a movie getting made, or not.

Pelosi: Impeachment Not 'Off the Table' but Dems Still Need to Make a 'Compelling' Case

Jack Crowe

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she has not yet ruled out the possibility of opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.


Bad Law Is Corrupting the Obstruction Debate

David French

The raging arguments you read today are in part the product of a flaw in the system.

Trump Can't Blame Mueller for His Poor Approval Ratings

Jonah Goldberg

The economy may be good, but Americans look at many factors when rating the president.

On the Crime Bill, Biden Has Nothing to Apologize for

Rich Lowry

But no one should apologize for having worked to get dangerous people off the streets at a time when they were causing untold grief and rending the civic fabric of America.

New Leftist Buzzword: 'Minoritized'

Graham Hillard

To call a student "minoritized" is to declare that something has been done to him. Who "minoritized" such an unfortunate student? White people, of course.

Dem. Presidential Contenders Urge Impeachment after Mueller Press Conference

Jack Crowe

A host of Democratic presidential candidates have strengthened their calls for impeachment in response to Robert Mueller's Wednesday press conference.




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