NR Daily: The Big Lie That Barr Lied

The attorney general's testimony was clearly accurate.

May 04 2019


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The Big Lie That Barr Lied

Andrew C. McCarthy

The claim that Bill Barr gave false testimony is frivolous. Read More


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The Last Days of Father Schall

Stephen Wu

Like Socrates, Father Schall would not have us grieve. Man was made not merely for life but for eternal life. Our journey has no other goal.

The European Fine Art Fair Dazzles in New York

Brian T. Allen

This year, TEFAF seems to have hit its stride, concentrating on contemporary and modern art with some variation.

Trump: Putin 'Not Looking at All to Get Involved in Venezuela'

Mairead McArdle

President Donald Trump said Friday after a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin that Putin has no desire to involve Russia in the spiraling political crisis in Venezuela.


James Matthew Wilson on What Poetry Is, and Isn't

Mary Spencer

As a poet, Wilson makes use of formal structures that are often a secondary concern, if not entirely disregarded, in much contemporary poetry. He is attentive to the centuries-long tradition of poetry not only as a common inheritance but as a living canon.

William Barr: The New Cheney

Matthew Continetti

He's a stocky, bespectacled, confrontational, blunt, intelligent, unapologetically conservative, experienced, high-powered official who believes in and fights for the office of the president.

FBI Official's Testimony Raises New Questions about Surveillance of Trump Campaign

Eric Felten

Deputy assistant director Jonathan Moffa's testimony, which has been obtained exclusively by National Review, suggests there was more going on than has yet been admitted.

The EMP Executive Order — Where Were Bush and Obama?

William Graham,R. James Woolsey and Peter Vincent Pry

A single explosion over the U.S. could render all electrical devices unusable. Under Trump, this threat is finally being taken seriously.

'Coward of Broward' Sheriff's Deputy Says He 'Did Nothing Wrong' During Parkland Shooting

Mairead McArdle

Disgraced former Broward County sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to act to stop the Parkland shooter, struck a defiant stance in a new report.




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