NR Daily: Mueller’s Preposterous Rationale for Tainting the President with ‘Obstruction’ Allegations

Volume II of his report does exactly what he claimed to be avoiding.

May 08 2019


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Mueller's Preposterous Rationale for Tainting the President with 'Obstruction' Allegations

Andrew C. McCarthy

The smear-but-don't-charge outcome is the result of two wrongs. Read More


Top Stories

Democrats Aren't Returning to Normalcy

Jonah Goldberg

Most of the field seems to think that Twitter likes and retweets will count as primary votes, and that there's an appetite for left-wing radicalism.

In Non-Fiction, Olivier Assayas Flatters Media Hypocrites

Armond White

Media-class narcissism outpaces any moral sense; it's comfortably elitist. This predicament makes Olivier Assayas's new film "Non-Fiction" relevant and, unfortunately, vapid.

Pentagon Says It Now Has Money for 256 More Miles of Border Wall

Mairead McArdle

The Pentagon said Wednesday that it has enough funding to build 256 more miles of border wall in the near future.


Progressives and Their Imaginary Constitution

Kyle Smith

It is disappointing to hear hundreds of fellow Americans whooping and cheering at the suggestion that the Constitution be abolished and that the cure for our ills is to model ourselves on South Africa.

'Race-Norming' in a Maryland Public-School District

Mike Gonzalez

Is a public school system in a leafy county straddling the Capital Beltway discriminating against Asian-Americans?

Democrats Dodge Booker's Call for Federal Gun-Licensing Scheme

John McCormack

Democratic leaders were largely non-committal when asked to comment on Cory Booker's expansive new gun-control plan.

To Save the USPS, We Must Privatize It

Chris Edwards

How can we let the USPS diversify and grow without creating unfair competition? The answer is privatization, and the opening up of the postal market that would come with it.

NY Senate Passes Bill Allowing Congress Access to Trump's State Tax Returns

Jack Crowe

The New York state Senate passed legislation that would give Congress unfettered access to President Trump's tax returns.




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