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BREAKING: House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill, Despite 71 Republicans Voting Against It

    May 31 2023         NEWS BREAKING: House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill, Despite 71 Republicans Voting Against It By Samantha Aschieris "At a time when American families are suffering from the inflation and interest rate crisis, Congress voted to give Biden a blank check on the debt limit," says Heritage Foundation analyst Richard Stern. More           Donate to The Daily Signal Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter How are we doing? We welcome your comments, suggestions, and story tips. Please reply to this email or send us a note at

Breaking: House Passes Biden-McCarthy Debt-Ceiling Deal with Backing of Two Thirds of GOP Caucus

The House voted on Wednesday night to approve a bipartisan debt-ceiling deal , averting a default on U.S. debt and securing a victory for House speaker Kevin McCarthy, who managed to keep his caucus together despite a challenge from House Freedom Caucus members intent on securing greater spending concessions from the Biden White House. After a few hours of debate, the measure passed in the chamber with 314 members in favor and 117 members opposing. A total of 149 Republicans and 165 Democrats approved the bill, while 71 Republicans and 46 Democrats voted against it. McCarthy (R., Calif.), who brokered the deal, hailed it as the “largest spending cut that Congress has ever voted for,” but faced opposition from members of his caucus who believe the deal didn’t go far enough. Many House Freedom Caucus members, such as Representatives Chip Roy, Dan Bishop, and Byron Donalds, voted against it. To make up for Republican defections, McCarthy had to rely upon votes from Democrats. W