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Happening now:

Dear John, Two President's Club members were so inspired by Heritage Action's elite Sentinel activists that they issued a challenge:  if you and other Heritage Foundation supporters meet our $2 million goal by 3 p.m. today, they will give another $1 million. So far, Heritage and Heritage Action supporters like you have given nearly $1.4 million towards our $2 million President's Club Challenge. Heritage Action is our sister organization. Their 450,000 activists and team of Washington lobbyists forced lawmakers to cut spending, limit President Obama’s tax hikes, protect the Second Amendment, and stand up time and again to fight Obamacare. You can  donate online to this challenge here. I'm calling on you, as one of Heritage's most important supporters, to accept the challenge and bolster Heritage Action's grassroots strategy. Will you accept the challenge? >> Accept the challenge.   Thank you for all you do for America. With your support, we ca

Obama Creates a Boulder Too Heavy for Him to Lift

The Goldberg File By Jonah Goldberg October 31, 2014 Dear Reader (unless you’re the kind of chickens**t who calls people “chickens**t” anonymously), Obama fatigue is setting in. Indeed, I’ve gone from Obama fatigue through full-on Obama Epstein-Barr to end-stage Obama narcolepsy. I hear him talking, or hear some MSNBC-type rhapsodizing about how misunderstood he is, and I start dozing off like a truck driver who took the drowsy-formula Nyquil by mistake. “Gotta stay awake! This is my job!” But then 20 seconds later, Jonathan Alter starts telling me how misunderstood the president is, and suddenly orange traffic cones are bouncing off my truck’s grill as I somnolently drift into a highway work zone. You could fill a cereal bowl with broken glass and barbed-wire shards drenched in hot sauce right below my face. All it would

It’s Come to This: Attack Ads Against the Media

  Today on NRO CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER : An anemic economy and sense of national decline portend a bad Election Day for Democrats. A Referendum on Competence . JONAH GOLDBERG : In The Walking Dead , evil that emerges among the living is foreshadowed by the zombies. What Monsters Portend . KATHERINE TIMPF : Go ahead and dress like someone from a different culture — if you want to carry on a “deadly system of oppression.” Eight Most Absurd PC Police Halloween Rules . KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON : Doctors and patients get burned by the world’s worst middleman. Health-Care Hell . SLIDESHOW : Cartoon of the Day: Frankenstein’s Monster .   Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty October 31, 2014 Elsas… Elsas everywhere! Oh my goo

Exclusive: Rand Paul Says Obama Thinks He Can 'Act Like a King'

October 31, 2014 Exclusive: Rand Paul Says Obama Thinks He Can 'Act Like a King' In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., answers our questions about immigration, religious liberty, Ebola and the fallout in Ferguson, Mo. Watch the Interview   Attkisson: US Officials Allowed Grenade Trafficker to Operate Unfettered, Endangering Lives Daily Signal senior independent contributor Sharyl Attkisson details a long-awaited report from the Department of Justice's inspector general. Read More   The 7 Scariest Uses of Your Tax Money in 2014 In the spirit of Halloween, our new video looks at some of the frightening ways your tax dollars were spent this year. Watch the Video   Quick Hits: Brittany Maynard Planned to Die on Nov. 1. Now, Her Plans Have Changed. Attack Ad on 'Immigration Amnesty' Puts Karl Rove in Unexpected Camp School Issues 'No Trespass Order' on Iraq

Your 24-hour, $2 million challenge

Dear John, During today’s President’s Club Meeting, we shared how Heritage Action’s 9,200 grassroots Sentinels across the country are organizing in key Congressional districts to fight and win political battles on behalf of our shared principles. Two anonymous donors were so inspired that they surprised me with an exciting proposition: they will give one million dollars to Heritage Action for America to win conservative victories  — on the condition that you and other Heritage supporters contribute a combined two million dollars by 3:00 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, October 31. Please help meet this two-million-dollar challenge  by giving your most generous gift online right now . Thank you for all you do for America. Conservatives have a major opportunity in the coming two years, and with your support we can make our conservative vision a reality. Sincerely, Jim DeMint President The Heritage Foundation | 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE | Washington, D.C. 20002 | (800) 546-28

Hey, Who’s Going to the Ebola Nurse’s Halloween Party on Friday Night?

Today on NRO VICTOR DAVIS HANSON : Facts now pale in comparison with the higher truths of progressivism. Our Make-It-Up World . KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON : The case for the six-figure shoeshine artist. Shine On . JILLIAN KAY MELCHIOR : A White House electrician ran up a $1,550 bill on personal calls — and taxpayers covered the costs. Hold the Phone . CONRAD BLACK : Tell the Turks to stop supporting terrorism — or get out of NATO. Get Tough with Turkey . SLIDESHOW : The War of the Worlds . Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty October 30, 2014 Hey, Who’s Going to the Ebola Nurse’s Halloween Party on Friday Night? What a