Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We're keeping the fun rolling


Dear National Review Reader,

Please find this special message from our sponsoring advertiser. This important support affords us the continuing means to provide you with National Review's distinctly conservative and always exceptional news and commentary.

Chris here with the RightOnline team. I'm writing to share two incredible offers to join us on May 1 and 2 in Washington, DC!

RightOnline is the only tech conference where you can come see all your favorite conservatives, AND learn from the top minds in the tech industry-- including execs from Facebook, Microsoft, Google and more! They are all coming to help us turbo-charge our free-market messages online!

This week only, National Review readers can sign up for the low price of $99 AND keep the party rolling with a free night at the brand-new Marriott Marquis!
Read on to get the deals and learn more about this great conference!

Deals, Deals, Deals!

  • Come to RightOnline for $99, AND receive a free night at the brand-new Marriot Marquis on Friday, May 1. To take advantage, click here and go to a special registration page.
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These price points are as low as we'll ever go, and they only work this week!

Already signed up and want to take advantage of the hotel room? Just email us at Credentials@afphq.org!

Why Should I Come?

There are plenty of digital and technology conferences out there vying for your dollars. But why go to one that's mostly filled with progressive types? This is the only place where you can hear from the top-flight names in the industry AND network with like-minded folks and conservative personalities. You'll come away with incredible new tools and inspiration to spread our message of freedom online!

  • Free-market FUN! We're kicking off RightOnline with passed appetizers and free cocktails on Friday night, and then sponsor i360 is offering happy hour on Saturday night! Plus, guests and speakers are staying at the gorgeous new Marriott Marquis property right in the heart of DC, and convenient to your favorite neighborhoods.
  • Your favorite conservatives: From HotAir.com's Ed Morrissey to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow to James O'Keefe from Project Veritas, everybody is lining up to be part of the fun! Guy Benson from FOX News and TownHall just recently jumped in as well!
  • Top-flight tech experts: Rob Saliterman runs the U.S. politics team at Google. Annie Lewis leads global marketing solutions politics and advocacy at Facebook. Dan'l Lewin is a corporate VP for Microsoft focused on innovation and global partnerships. What do they all have in common? They're addressing the RightOnline audience!
  • Incredible panels: The folks at Blog Bash will be on hand to teach you how to take your blog from a hobby to the next level. Social Media 301 will turn you into a Facebook and Twitter ninja.
  • Networking: Do you want to turn your passion for advocacy into a career? A recruiter from Americans for Prosperity Foundation will be on site to speak to you in person!

The Bottom Line

RightOnline is just a month away, it's time to get in the door! This is the best in the industry for those of us who believe in free markets and limited government. Head back up there and get yourself registered today!

See you there,

Senior Manager
The RightOnline Team

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The Offer Expires Tonight


To those thousands of you who are still considering coming on the spectacular National Review 2015 Alaska Summer Cruise . . .

The clock is ticking . . .

To those of you at the very edge of that decision who are hoping for a little nudge from the good people at NR to turn that wish, that dream, into a reality . . .

I have exceptional news for you!

The folks at Holland America have just contacted me and asked me to sweeten NR's already great deal, and it goes like this:

Anyone who reserves a cabin on this phenomenal voyage by midnight, March 31st - that's TONIGHT! -- will receive a $50 cabin credit-that's per-person, limited to 2 people per cabin. Also, if you refer somebody to come on the cruise and they come, they will receive this credit - and you will receive an additional $50.

If you've already booked on the cruise, please know that Holland America's new referral incentive also applies (but also know: This incentive is strictly for new bookings, and the reference incentive is limited to first-time National Review).

So think about that -- one hundred glorious smackers for you and your spouse to spend on a nice excursion, on a couple of nice bottles of wine at dinner, or yours to do with as you wish, a token of appreciation from Holland America for your decision to board the beautiful Westerdam this July 18-25th and revel in the glory and beauty of the great 49th state.

The phenomenal journey -- which would make an excellent family vacation or reunion -- will sail round-trip from Seattle aboard Holland America Line's beautiful ms Westerdam, visiting Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Glacier Bay, and Victoria, B.C.


You can view a great video from Holland America about the Alaska cruise here and read all about the voyage at www.nrcruise.com, and you can reserve your cabin there also, but let me share some of the highlights.

The National Review 2015 Alaska Summer Cruise is a unique opportunity to meet preeminent conservative celebrities and to discuss the day's most important issues: our great line-up of confirmed speakers includes

  • British MEP and renowned Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan,
  • supply-side champion Arthur Laffer,
  • ace economists Stephen Moore and Kevin Hassett,
  • former congresswoman Michele Bachmann,
  • former NH Gov. John Sununu,
  • pollster Pat Caddell,
  • National Affairs editor Yuval Levin,
  • Townhall.com editor Katie Pavlich,
  • top social commentators Naomi Schaefer Riley, James Lileks, and Andrew Klavan,
  • military/security experts Pete Hegseth and John Hillen,
  • leading conservative academic Daniel Mahoney,

and from NR's editorial All Stars

  • Jonah Goldberg,
  • Rich Lowry,
  • Jay Nordlinger,
  • Ramesh Ponnuru,
  • Kevin Williamson,
  • Reihan Salam,
  • Eliana Johnson,
  • Jim Geraghty,
  • Rob Long,
  • John Fund,
  • Roman Genn,
  • Kathryn Lopez,
  • Charles Cooke,
  • John Miller,
  • Patrick Brennan,
  • Jillian Melchior,
  • Kat Timpf,
  • Andrew Johnson,
  • Joel Gehrke, and
  • Katherine Connell.

Over 400 NR readers--make certain you're one of them!--are expected to take this wonderful trip, which is why we most strongly urge you to act now to reserve your stateroom. Alaska cruises are mega-popular because of the region's raw beauty. For Mother Nature at her finest, you cannot beat the stunning waterways hugging the 49th State, or the glaciers and other wonders that adorn it from the Arctic to the Gulf.

And for a family vacation destination, how can you compete with an Alaska voyage, coming smack dab in the middle of the summer?

You can't. So don't beat them, join them (with your family)!--on the National Review 2015 Alaska Summer Cruise.

There's a cabin to meet everyone's taste and budget: Our all-inclusive prices start at just $2,299 per person, and "Single" staterooms begin at a very affordable $3,399 (the same prices we offered on our last trip here in 2007!).

If you've wanted to go on an NR cruise, but haven't, consider this: The "typical" NR cruise "alumnus" has been on an average of four of our seafaring trips! They keep coming back again and again for an obvious reason: an NR cruise is sure to be a great time. It's time you discovered this for yourself.

An NR cruise is your unique chance to meet and intimately discuss politics and policy with some of the true giants of conservative and political affairs. Here are all the NR exclusives we offer as part of our winning program to ensure you a phenomenal week:

  • eight panel sessions on current events (each nearly 2.5 hours, typically kicked off by a great one-on-one interview of a special guest speaker)
  • up to five additional "sidebar" events and presentations
  • three cocktail receptions (convivial affairs featuring great food and libations),
  • two post-dinner "Night Owls,"
  • one post-dinner poolside "smoker" (with world-class H. Upmann cigars and complimentary cognac!), plus intimate dining with speakers and editors on two nights.

That special offer runs out tonight, so act now!

And we're going to hold open our other incentive: if you sign up by March 31st, select 5 speakers you'd like to have dinner with on those nights, and we'll guarantee that you'll get two of your choices. That's in addition to the new $100-a-couple sign-up credit.

So, again, reserve your stateroom up at www.nrcruise.com, where you can also find complete information about the trip. Questions: email me at jfowler@nationalreview.com . I am happy to do what I can to help you make July 18-25 the best week of your life. And you can call the good folks (Joanne, Cathy, Karen, Mila) at The Cruise and Vacation Authority (800-707-1634, from 9AM to 5PM Eastern time). They'll be extra happy to help. You can also email them at groups@the-cruise-authority.com.

See you in July!


Jack Fowler



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Obama's Most Valuable Political Tool

Dear Jolt Aficionados, While Big Jim plays hookey on the beaches of the Palmetto State, we'll pull a Manny Mota and pinch hit.
If this email is difficult to read, view it on the web.
March 31, 2015
Morning Jolt
... with Jim Geraghty

Dear Jolt Aficionados,

While Big Jim plays hookey on the beaches of the Palmetto State, we'll pull a Manny Mota and pinch hit.

There's lots going on today at NationalReview.com, and let's go to the obvious: The top piece on the home page is "Obama's Chicago Presidency" by Victor Davis Hanson. I like this selection:

Malice is a valuable political tool for Barack Obama.

Benjamin Netanyahu apparently bothered President Obama. What could that possibly entail, given the historic alliance between Israel and the United States? From the petty malice of Obama-administration aides leaking slurs that Netanyahu was a coward and chickens–t to the fundamental malevolence of community-organizing Netanyahu's opponents in an effort to defeat him at the polls to leaking previously classified information about Israel's nuclear deterrent, the message is again Chicagoan. Obama in adolescent fashion put it best in the 2008 campaign when he urged his flock, "I want you to argue with them and get in their face," and when he later lifted a Chicago line from screenwriter David Mamet's dialogue in The Untouchables to say to his base, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." No wonder Obama — despite having once been on the receiving end of a racial slur from Senator Harry Reid — recently praised the outgoing Senate majority leader, whose style and modus operandi were akin to Obama's own.

Nearby, in Indiana, the good folks there are ducking as the indignati lob mortar shells of moral superiority. Rich Lowry, in his must-read new column, writes "The anti-Indiana backlash is a perfect storm of hysteria and legal ignorance, supercharged by the particularly censorious self-righteousness of the Left." Amen!

Another must-read is Charlie Cooke's Corner observation on the controversy: "I have been struck by something rather interesting: namely, by how abundantly happy people who are usually critical of corporations have been to recruit them to their side in this case."

Then there's this: "The notorious anti-Israel propagandist Max Blumenthal has accused women's-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali of 'deception.' Unfortunately for Blumenthal, it is his own latest deception that has now come to light." Sound intriguing? It is. Daniel Mael's article on the smug journalist is worth your while.

It's Holy Week, so if you'd like something appropriately inspiring, consider Rod Dreher's terrific essay, "Dante and Holy Week."

Over at the Bookmonger, John J. Miller is interviewing Roy Morris Jr. about his new book, American Vandal: Mark Twain Abroad.

Today is the last day to get your special $50 per-person cabin credit on the National Review cruise. What do you mean you haven't booked your cabin yet?! Do that right now at www.nrcruise.com.

Okay, that should be enough to whet your whistle. See you tomorrow when I don my Rusty Staub uniform and swing for the fences in the Spy Wednesday edition of the Morning Jolt.


Jack Fowler


Obama's Chicago Presidency
Max Blumenthal's Latest Despicable Deception
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No, the Culinary Is Not Political
Join your favorite writers for National Review's 2015 cruise to Alaska — a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your family.
Something Other Than God
By Jennifer Fulwiler
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