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The media does a great job at convincing us that conservative ideas don't appeal to other people. As usual, they're wrong, and I have a great example of why.

Selina Soule is a high school track star in Glastonbury, Conn. She was at the top of her game, when two transgendered students who identify as females decided they wanted to compete. Biological males happen to run faster than females in most instances, so suddenly, the transgender students consistently rank in the top two positions, shutting out all the girls like Selina.

Selina was brave enough to speak out against this, as her future is the track world is now uncertain because she can't be judged on the merits of her performance. The Daily Signal told her story in our most recent edition of Underreported, which has received 1.7 million views.

Hundreds of thousands of people now know that the Equality Act pending in Congress will damage the equality of young girls like Selina. They know that four other young athletes agreed with Selina, but were afraid to reveal their identities for risk of being targeted by the media, bullies, or threats. Even in liberal New England, young people are speaking out against liberal ideas.

The Daily Signal is having an impact in so many ways, but I wanted you to know that we are showcasing your common-sense, conservative values for new audiences. Telling Selina's story shows how liberal ideas are unfair, while claiming to be fair; they are unequal, while claiming to be about equality. Stories like this can change minds.

Our stories connect with people in ways that our ideas cannot on their own. So when you support the Daily Signal, you are giving people like Selina a voice, and giving others a chance to see why the other side is so wrong.

I would invite you to see the video that received so many views by clicking here,

Katrina Trinko
Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Signal

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