The smear that could silence you


Fellow Conservative,

Last week, the Poynter Institute for Media Studies tried to blacklist The Daily Signal by naming us as one of a number of fake news outlets on their "UnNews List," a poorly sourced compilation of websites on the internet they believe are untrustworthy.

Fortunately, the list has temporarily been taken down. Yet, we have no idea if they will attack us again with a new list.

This is a serious risk, and a tactic the Left uses against conservatives. They want to smear your Daily Signal and other conservative sources as "fake news" in an effort to have these trusted media blacklisted by Facebook and Google, limiting our ability to spread the truth to every-day Americans and fight back against the liberal media spin.

The Left is constantly trying to silence you and your news sources. They want to prevent your voice from being heard! Will you help your Daily Signal push back against the blatant media bias and the Left's smear campaigns?  

It is our honor to provide you with the best conservative policy news and views on the web, but liberals would censor that in a moment if they could. Please stand with us against liberal attempts to silence the Daily Signal by clicking this secure link:

Thank you for supporting The Daily Signal!


Katrina Trinko
Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Signal 

P.S. We must fight against the Left's attempts to silence Conservative voices in the media. Please give a gift to the Daily Signal now to fight back against this smear campaign by clicking this secure link:

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