NR Daily: The Downsides of College

There is a good chance your child will return from college alienated from you and from America.

May 21 2019



The Downsides of College

Dennis Prager

Other than Hillsdale and a handful of other private and religious colleges, the American university has become nothing more than a left-wing seminary. Read More


Top Stories

Comrade Sanders Targets Charter Schools

Rich Lowry

Few things offend Bernie Sanders as much as people escaping from command-and-control government systems, even minority students whose parents are desperate to get their kids a decent education.

Bernie Sanders's Backward Charter-School Proposal

The Editors

The idea that there is a single model of education that will serve all students, families, and communities is pure nonsense, a product of the society-as-factory mentality that dominates the thinking of old-school socialists such as Senator Sanders.

Google Changes Policy after Backlash over Anti-Abortion Ads

Mairead McArdle

Google has adopted a more stringent policy regarding ads after facing severe criticism over reports it provided free advertising to pro-life centers.


No More 'Small Mercies' in Game of Thrones

Kevin D. Williamson

The drama's climax comes at the moment when the Mad Queen reveals that she is in fact the only person of any consequence in the great game who actually understands the nature of politics and political power.

Can the Brits Define 'Islamophobia'?

Michael Brendan Dougherty

The history of racial discrimination in the West may not be a good template for building taboos around the discussion of one of the world's largest religions.

Bias Complaint Filed Over Joke About Janet Jackson Nipple Incident

Katherine Timpf

An Indiana University student filed a bias complaint because a guest lecturer made a joke about Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nipple incident when discussing the Federal Communications Commission.

Balancing Principles and Politics in Austria

Declan Leary

Sebastian Kurz's decision to break with the Freedom Party will come with political headaches.

DOD: Iranian Threats 'Put on Hold' Thanks to U.S.

Mairead McArdle

The Department of Defense said Tuesday that potential threats from Iran have been "put on hold" thanks to precautionary measures taken by the U.S.




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