Monday, February 25, 2019

NR Daily: Is Zimbabwe the Next Venezuela?

History teaches that things in both Zimbabwe and Venezuela may get worse before they get better.

February 25 2019



Is Zimbabwe the Next Venezuela?

John Fund

Ordinary Zimbabweans have every reason to fear not only the military but every part of their government. History teaches that things may get worse there and in Venezuela before they get better. Read More


Top Stories

Does a War-Memorial Cross Violate the Establishment Clause?

Thomas R. Ascik

Must a large Christian cross commemorating soldiers who died in World War I be taken down because three people are offended? The Supreme Court will decide a case that bears on the Constitution's establishment clause.

Faking History and Remaking Oscar News

Armond White

You cannot imagine how socially backward and culturally deceiving the racialization of the Academy Awards has become.

Mike Pence: 'It's Time' for World Leaders to Confront Maduro

Mairead McArdle

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday called on world leaders to levy sanctions against the government of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.


Unplanned Graces

Kathryn Jean Lopez

"Unplanned" can be the occasion for a healthy examination of conscience for everyone.

Neomi Rao's Confirmation Hits a Snag

Ramesh Ponnuru

Senator Josh Hawley is reported to be unsure of where Neomi Rao stands on abortion and Roe v. Wade.

Op Ed: Use 'Partner' Instead of 'Boyfriend' or 'Girlfriend' to Be 'Politically Correct'

Katherine Timpf

Social-justice warriors are determined to redefine every term that makes them even slightly uncomfortable.

Senator Tracy Flick

Kevin D. Williamson

Senator Warren is a familiar type of character, one that is not necessarily dishonorable: the grinder.

Florida Supreme Court Orders Grand Jury to Investigate School Safety

Jack Crowe

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday approved governor Ron DeSantis's request that a statewide grand jury be convened to investigate school safety.




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