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Thank you

John, You’re on my list to thank today, because you’ve always stood for conservative principles. And though you’ve never wavered, you might wonder: why don’t more conservatives—though they share your principles—stand up against liberal policies and big government? Some of it's because liberals love to make conservatives feel like they are the only ones who stand for limited government, free enterprise and traditional values. (It's simply not true!) Liberals are effective at keeping conservatives silent, isolated, and home from the polls.   That’s why it’s so crucial to unite conservatives right now . We’re launching an ambitious campaign to unify conservatives all across America. And  we need your support by midnight on May 6 to make this a reality . Make your donation today to power the Conservative Census . It’s time to unite conservatives.  Sincerely, Jim DeMint President  The Heritage Foundation | 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE | Washington, D.

The Viral Video That Made Me Consider Boycotting Target

The very best of National Review's content this week If this email is difficult to read, view it on the web .   April 30, 2016     NR's BEST OF THE WEEK       WATCH: The Viral Video That Made Me Want to Boycott Target       THE BEST FROM THIS WEEK ON NR   Should We Arrest Louis C.K.? READ MORE   Two Immediate Impacts of a Carly Fiorina VP Pick READ MORE