NR Daily: Shadow Is Visual Shakespeare

Zhang Yimou's astonishing action movie makes great art of political history.

May 03 2019


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Shadow Is Visual Shakespeare

Armond White

When most action movies are nothing but action, Zhang Yimou employs extreme stylization in Shadow, his latest film made in the wuxia (martial arts) genre. The film's abstract look forces a viewer to concentrate on the themes in this ancient Chinese story. Read More


Top Stories

The Big Lie That Barr Lied

Andrew C. McCarthy

The claim that Bill Barr gave false testimony is frivolous.

Shades of Presidential Scandals Past

Mona Charen

There are prudential reasons to avoid impeachment. But the Mueller report provides abundant evidence that President Trump attempted to obstruct justice and abused his power.

Trump: Putin 'Not Looking at All to Get Involved in Venezuela'

Mairead McArdle

President Donald Trump said Friday after a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin that Putin has no desire to involve Russia in the spiraling political crisis in Venezuela.


Rupert Murdoch as the Great Disruptor

Kyle Smith

The play about Rupert Murdoch's explosive entry into the London newspaper market in 1969 isn't a shallow hit piece as you'd expect but a robustly entertaining and measured work that dares to consider events from Murdoch's point of view.

The Farcical Bill Barr Scandal

Rich Lowry

That Barr and his letter are the focus of such political and media ire is a symptom of the lunacy of this era, rather than anything rotten in his Department of Justice.

Ukraine's Presidential Election Was, among Other Things, a Rebuke to Moscow

George Weigel

A thriving, independent Ukraine will, like nothing else, guarantee the frustration of Vladimir Putin's designs to re-create something resembling the old Soviet space.

FBI Official's Testimony Raises New Questions about Surveillance of Trump Campaign

Eric Felten

Deputy assistant director Jonathan Moffa's testimony, which has been obtained exclusively by National Review, suggests there was more going on than has yet been admitted.

'Coward of Broward' Sheriff's Deputy Says He 'Did Nothing Wrong' During Parkland Shooting

Mairead McArdle

Disgraced former Broward County sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to act to stop the Parkland shooter, struck a defiant stance in a new report.




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