NR Daily: Love in the First Degree: After the Alabama Abortion Law

Whether or not you think it's prudent, let's stand in the gap to help the mothers and children who need us most.

May 20 2019



Love in the First Degree: After the Alabama Abortion Law

Kathryn Jean Lopez

What you think about the Alabama abortion law, let's stand in the gap to help the mothers and children who need us most. Read More


Top Stories

Bernie Sanders Launches a Deeply Misguided Attack on Charter Schools

David French

The message of Bernie Sanders's education plan to parents is clear, and repugnant: I and my teachers' union allies know better than you what schools are best for your kids.

The U.S. Is Outplaying Iran in a Regional Chess Match

Seth J. Frantzman

By firmly opposing Iran's expansionist policies, the U.S. may be succeeding in reining in the Islamic Republic.

DOJ Office of Legal Counsel Concludes Congress Can't Force McGahn to Testify

Mairead McArdle

The Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel ruled that former White House counsel Donald McGahn is not required to testify to Congress.


James Madison Understood Religious Freedom Better than Jefferson Did

Steven Waldman

One emphasized the freedom to think; the other, in effect, the freedom to pray.

The Play That Caused an Irish Riot

Kyle Smith

Nobody is a jihadist for moderation.

The Great Misdirection

Rich Lowry

Democrats make a show of getting to the bottom of matters that have been as thoroughly investigated as anything in our recent politics.

A baby by any other name, &c.

Jay Nordlinger

On abortion, patriotism, North Korea, and more.

Fifth Migrant Child Since December Dies in Border Patrol Custody

Mairead McArdle

A 16-year-old boy from Guatemala passed away Monday after being apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.




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