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Afternoon Fix: Rangel: I 'don't see' how anyone 'could be better qualified' for presidency than Hillary Clinton

Afternoon Fix from The Washington Post Did you hear the latest political news? Get The Fix point of view this afternoon. View on the Web . Friday, November 30, 2012 EARLIER ON THE FIX Is America becoming more socially liberal? A must-see 2012 map The top family feuds in politics #FixCaption contest: Obama and Romney in the Oval Office Saxby Chambliss's (GOP) primary concerns The 5 best races of 2013 'The Daily Show' on the Obama-Romney lunch (VIDEO) Republicans' Senate silver lining WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED * House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Friday that negotiations with Democrats to avert the "fiscal cliff" have reached a "stalemate." "Right now, we're almost nowhere," Boehner said. President Obama, meanwhile, was in Pennsylvania, where he p

Woman Behind The NYPD Officer

Friday, November 30th Woman Behind The NYPD Officer "Boots" Photo Jennifer Foster, a tourist from Arizona, was walking around Times Square several days ago when she saw a man, who appeared to be homeless. He was on the sidewalk asking for change as his bare feet were exposed to the near freezing New York weather. Without any fan fair, an NYPD officer bent down on a knee and gave the man a brand-new pair of winter boots and socks. Foster used her cellphone to take a picture of the act of kindness - which rocketed instantly across social media websites across the globe. Officer Larry DePrimo, 25,

Local Business Alert: Pepco, District officials discuss D.C. United stadium for Buzzard Point

Local Business Alert from The Washington Post Pepco, District officials discuss D.C. United stadium for Buzzard Point Friday, November 30, 2012 5:40:12 PM Local Business Alert Pepco, District officials discuss D.C. United stadium for Buzzard Point District officials have entered preliminary discussions with Pepco over the feasibility of building a soccer stadium for D.C. United where the utility's generation and substation facilities are located on Buzzard Point in Southwest D.C. Pepco's property constitutes a major portion of the footprint for a new stadium based on the plans that D.C. United officials began vetting with District officials in 2010. The utility decommissioned the generation units on the site in May of this year, but its substation there remains operational. Read more at: http://ww