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Dear Fellow Conservative, Time is running out. You have until MIDNIGHT to contribute to The Heritage Foundation's end-of-year campaign. You can make your tax-deductible gift to The Heritage Foundation right now before the deadline using the secure link below. Help us create policy solutions that improve American lives. Please make your year-end gift before it's too late. Any gift you make today will be matched up to $250,000 thanks to a special matching gift. Best, Alexander Hyatt Membership Programs P.S. You're almost out of time. Make your end-of-year gift – matched up to $250,000 – to The Heritage Foundation right now before midnight: The Heritage Foundation | 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE | Washington, D.C. 20002 | (800) 546-2843 You are subscribed to Heritage Foundation e-mails as If you want to change your e-

Week in Review: Francis Collins’s Covid Confession

Plus: Hallmark's Diversity Is Not Its Strength, Nikki Haley's Sin Isn't Racism, and more   December 31, 2023   TOP STORIES THIS WEEK      Francis Collins's Covid Confession Scientists during the pandemic had to act fast on little information, but they shouldn't have participated in moralistic bullying and propaganda. Rich Lowry  >       Unlocked for you.   See all our premium content with NRPLUS .   ADVERTISEMENT   Hallmark's Diversity Is Not Its Strength Haley Strack  >   Nikki Haley's Sin Isn't Racism Jeffrey Blehar  >   How Elon Musk's Shocking Transparency Led to a Reporter's Swift Education in the Censorship Industrial Complex Brittany Bernstein  >   It's a Wonderful Life , Continued Jack Butler  >   Dallas Mayor Aims to Ignite a Republican Urban Renewal after Abandoning Democratic Party Ryan Mills   >

The last day to act

Dear Fellow Patriot, Today's the last day. It's the last day to donate to The Heritage Foundation's end-of-year campaign. Heritage is leading the charge on the front lines of the battle against the radical Left to save the American dream as we know it. We're fighting to dismantle the deep state, expose government corruption, and promote conservative policy solutions that improve American lives. Next year is a critical year in this fight for our country. In order to start 2024 strong, we need all patriotic conservatives on board. Will you do your part to help save America? This is not just about our future. It's about what type of country we will leave for our children, our grandchildren, and future generations of Americans. Will it be a country dominated by radical leftism? Or one grounded in truth, and conservative principles? That outcome is all dependent on what you and I do to secure America now. If we don't defend our Heritage, every generatio