Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NR Daily: Only Biden Can Save the Democrats from Total Embarrassment

If Joe Biden isn't the nominee, Democrats are almost certainly going into the deep end, not be seen again for at least two years.

April 30 2019



Only Biden Can Save the Democrats from Total Embarrassment

Conrad Black

For all his flaws, Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate with a realistic chance and close enough to the center to avoid a crushing defeat in 2020. Read More


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Top Stories

Enter Joe Biden

The Editors

That Joe Biden is considered a moderate is a testament both to how far and rapidly his party has moved to the left and to the portward skew of the national press.

Why the New York Times' Anti-Semitic Cartoon Didn't Bother Most Jews

Dennis Prager

For most American Jews, the New York Times is far more consonant with their ethical values than are Jewish values.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks Law Banning Drug-Induced Abortions

Jack Crowe

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a state law banning drug-induced abortions is unconstitutional, the Associated Press reported.


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The 8chan Terrorists

Rich Lowry

At the same time that an extreme fringe on the right marinates in its own malice, a different sort of anti-Semitism, rooted in hatred for Israel, is getting normalized on the left.

The South Park Reactionaries

Kyle Smith

White people are moving into previously black neighborhoods in the cities. Many urban blacks are moving into white suburbs. There is a word for this process: desegregation.

Why Go West?

Victor Davis Hanson

If America emulated the social, political, and economic norms south of the border, illegal immigration would end quickly.

Yes, Amazon Pays Taxes

Kevin D. Williamson

Amazon has paid billions of dollars in corporate income tax in recent years, though in some years it has paid no tax on profits because — don't let the accounting terminology scare you off here — it lost money.

Armored Vehicles Crush Anti-Maduro Protesters in Caracas

Jack Crowe

Protesters loyal to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó were crushed under armored cars driven by pro-government forces.


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