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THE GREAT JEWISH DIVIDE   By Valerie Sobel   May 28, 2021   KKK, David Duke, Senator Byrd, slave-ownership, voting against the abolishment of slavery and against MLK’s civil rights movement of the 1960’s - proud and well-documented history of the Democratic Party. American liberal Jews vote for and fund this Democratic Party.    In 2008, Democratic Party birthed a two-term President who called for the return to Israel’s indefensible 1967 borders, orchestrated a UN resolution pronouncing most of Israel illegitimate in Jewish hands, and gifted Islamist terrorist state of Iran $150 Billion for acceleration and expansion of their nuclear program. A program set up to drive Israel into the sea.  Astonishingly, American liberal Jews voted for and funded this Democratic Party.    Since 2018, the Democratic Party has installed a rabidly antisemitic squad of women responsible for an onslaught of tropes, libel and lies against Jews and Israel. Today they call Israel an “apartheid state”, back BDS

The Oldest Hatred Now Fulminates and Flourishes at 1600

The Oldest Hatred Now Fulminates and Flourishes at 1600 By  Joan Swirsky , ©2021  In February, not two weeks into the, ahem, presidency of Joe Biden, I described in my article, “Joe’s Jews,” the appointments he made of 11 longtime Jew haters and Israel loathers to key positions in his cabinet/regime. A month later, in my article “More about Joe and the Jews,” I described 12 more Jew haters and Israel loathers that Joe appointed to key positions in his cabinet/regime.   There have been many other alarmingly similar appointments since then, making it clear to even the most casual observer that the Biden White House has a particularly hostile––even hateful––attitude toward Jews and their ancient homeland Israel, combined with a perverse infatuation with and allegiance to any group or individual intent on destroying the Jewish state.   There is no doubt that Biden’s presence in the Oval Office has been interpreted by these career haters and organized thugs as an unmistakable nod of approva

NR Daily: A Dangerous State of Affairs

What the national stock-up on guns and ammo says about America today May 31 2021 May 31 2021 Kevin D. Williamson A Dangerous State of Affairs We increasingly take up arms because we believe this society to be corrupt, failing, doomed. We half dread the possibility of ...   READ MORE ADVERTISEMENT Trending on National Review 1. Let's Learn from Mother Teresa, Not Attack Her 2. The Barbary Pirates Circa 2021 Top Stories NEWS USA Today Bends to the M