Week in Review: The Democrats Cannot Pretend Away Joe Biden’s Mental and Physical Decline

Plus: Our Coming Energy Famine, Why Trump's Sentencing Matters, and more   THIS WEEK IN REVIEW IS PRESENTED BY June 23, 2024   TOP STORIES THIS WEEK      The Democrats Cannot Pretend Away Joe Biden's Mental and Physical Decline Friends, the videos are not edited. Jeffrey Blehar  >       Unlocked for you.   See all our premium content with NRPLUS .   ADVERTISEMENT Why Traditional Investments Fall Short In today's financial landscape, many investors are feeling disappointed with traditional investment options. The once-trusted pillars of real estate, stocks, and bonds have left many Americans feeling unprotected. But, there is one asset that may help... Get this free guide to learn more.   Learn More     Our Coming Energy Famine Mario Loyola  >   Why Trump's Sentencing Matters Andrew C. McCarthy  >   We Can No Longer Have Nice Things Christian Schneider  >   Nikki Ha

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