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Friday, July 19, 2019

NR Daily: Who Is Boris Johnson?

Not since Winston Churchill has such a wit presided over Her Majesty's Government.

July 19 2019



Who Is Boris Johnson?

Kyle Smith

The soon-to-be U.K. prime minister has loads of charm but little political stamina. Read More


Top Stories

For Planned Parenthood, No Doctors Need Apply

Rich Lowry

If performing a significant share of the country's abortions were merely incidental to its mission, Planned Parenthood would gladly give it up.

In Defense of the Glorious Revolution

James P. Sutton

The great victory of the English Parliament over royal power and the passage of the Bill of Rights were bound up in bloodshed and persecution.

Poll: 78 Percent of Americans Say Toxic Rhetoric Could Inspire Violence

Mairead McArdle

Large majorities of Democrats and Republicans agree that inflammatory political rhetoric could inspire acts of violence, according to a new poll.


The Fundamental Tension of the Trump Presidency

Fred Bauer

An infrastructure bill, trade reform, entitlement protections, continued government subsidies for health care — these are things that might appeal to many Democratic voters.

False Racism Accusations Don't Excuse the Real Thing

Mona Charen

Every Republican who is reflexively defensive of Trump's blatant nativism and racism should put him or herself in the shoes of immigrants and minorities.

Creating Disposable Babies — Yes We Can, but Should We?

Kristan Hawkins

We need to understand the negative impact that in vitro fertilization has on our culture.

Technology and Mankind's Shrinking Dominion

Michael Brendan Dougherty

We once dreamed of mastering the physical problems of the universe and spreading the rule and dominion of mankind. Now technology has taken a Freudian turn. It is used by corporations to master us.

Arizona Dem. Joins Republicans in Effort to Expedite Deportation of Migrants with Invalid...

Jack Crowe

Sinema joined a bipartisan group of nine colleagues proposing a pilot program that would expedite the deportation of migrants who make invalid asylum claims.



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