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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Left Wants to Transform Our Election System. It’s a Recipe for 1-Party Rule.

Feb 19, 2019

Good morning from Washington, where progressives are attempting a power grab with legislation to federalize all elections. Jarrett Stepman blows the whistle.The left also hopes to finish tearing down the health care system, and Bob Moffit is here to talk sense. On the podcast, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest tells how the tax cuts help his state. Plus: Rachel del Guidice on a new congressman's encounter with Saddam Hussein, Thomas Spoehr on the U.S. role at a key security conference in Germany, and Ginny Montalbano on two Florida residents making a difference on school safety after the Parkland shooting.

H.R.1 has numerous provisions that would undermine free speech rights, upend the way America conducts elections, encourage voter fraud, and turn election oversight into little more than a partisan weapon to bludgeon foes.
Only 6 percent of American patients reported waiting more than two months to see a medical specialist, compared to 39 percent of Canadian patients and 19 percent of British patients.
"We've been in a war this past year against Broward's corrupt elected officials," says Andrew Pollack. "They failed to stop the shooter, failed to confront the shooter … Everything is a cover-up, and the media got the story dreadfully wrong."
North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest shares how tax reform has changed his state, as well as his thoughts on the national political scene, including the left's push for government-run health care and the Green New Deal.
"When you hear President Trump ask our NATO allies to live up to the commitments they've made to our common defense, that's what we call being leader of the free world," says Vice President Mike Pence.
Kyle Sammin, a lawyer and writer, compares the shifting philosophy of pro-abortion proponents to those who defended slavery in the early 19th century.
"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett's case involving an alleged attack on him Jan. 29 could be headed to a grand jury, amid reports he staged the attack.
Special Feature
"I'm sitting there looking at [Saddam Hussein] try to sleep, and then of course he sits up and starts talking to me," recalls Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

NR Daily: Ilhan Omar’s Big Lie

The Left distorts what happened in El Salvador in the 1980s.

February 18 2019



Ilhan Omar's Big Lie

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