Slug Socialism in the Kisser

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May 16 2019




Dear NR Friend,

That's what we are trying to do via the National Review 2019 Spring Webathon: Fight back against Socialism's reemergence. To some, particularly campus snowflakes, it may be a cool fad. But NR knows (so do you!) and has been declaring aloud for six decades that Socialism is the asphalt that paves the Good Intentions Highway; destination: Hell.

And we know, shout, and need to shout louder – and will with your help – this: Especially to those who are long-in-the-tooth Alinksy acolytes, Socialism a very real template for political power, totally adverse to the principles of our Founding.

So we are counting on you to help NR beat back the Lefty hordes. Withstand the foul multicultural Orcs and beastly progressive Uruk-hai creatures storming the conservative Helm's Deep (yeah, I saw Tolkien).

To underwrite our fight, the Webathon seeks to raise $175,000. So far we have raised – from about 500 selfless NR supporters – approximately $60,000. Boy oh boy, we have a long way to go.

Help us get there. NR is a cause as much as it is a website and a magazine, and like any cause, it is dependent on a band of brothers – and sisters! – to sustain it, to occupy the foxhole with it, to mount the ramparts with it.

So brother, so sister, will you get . . . with it? Will you help NR? Knowing that when you do so you will be helping NR bloody Socialism's nose.

OK, this rhetoric may seem very fisticuffy, but heck, if the Socialists take over, we'd be preferring a mere punch in the kisser compared to what these dastards would really do to us, and to America.

As a reward for asking you to hear our plea, we offer, from the mysterious but copious archives of NR, a wonderful 1969 essay by John Braine, a Brit who went from the Left to the Right, and what that meant. It's titled "On Leaving the Herd." It is autobiographical, wonderfully written, and readable here.

Please donate what you can. Think about how much NR has meant to you, and to America. And how much it will continue to mean, thanks to your generosity, which, in advance, is deeply appreciated.

Donate here, and maybe even leave a comment when you do.


Robert M. Patrick
Director, NR Department of Battling Socialism

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