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Almost there!

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He Could Dance the Pants Off of Churchill

Dear Friend, I've been a Churchill lover from the days of youth in The Bronx spent watching reruns of Mike Wallace's old Biography show on WPIX. Here was the century's hero -- and he was half-American! And the Old Bulldog had local ties: Nearby Jerome Avenue, above which the 4 Train clickety clacks past Yankee Stadium as it heads to Woodlawn, was named after his New York-financier grandfather Leonard Jerome (owner of the racetrack that anchored the Avenue's northern end). Anyway, Darkest Hour is out. On NRO, there are several views. One is Kyle Smith's, whose recent review was a thumping: Now it's ... December 31 2017 VISIT NATIONALREVIEW.COM He Could Dance the Pants Off of Churchill Dear Friend, I've been a Churchill lover from th