NR Daily: Should Any Late-Term Abortion Be Illegal? Democrats Won’t Say.

Their bill would eliminate almost all limits nationwide.

May 25 2019



Should Any Late-Term Abortion Be Illegal? Democrats Won't Say.

John McCormack

This isn't a gotcha question. It's a question about fundamental human rights. Read More


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Classic American Art in the Doldrums

Brian T. Allen

In this year's spring sales, buyers of American art showed a marked preference for lackluster contemporary art over Hudson River School masters.

Liberate Americans to Shop for Medical Care

Deroy Murdock

Almost no one has any idea what medical care costs.

Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law

Mairead McArdle

A federal judge on Friday blocked enforcement of a new Mississippi law that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.


The Case for Taking Psychedelics Seriously

Sahil Handa

Psychedelics are not toys that young people want to abuse for a good time; they are powerful, life-altering substances that could be the equivalent of a telescope for our studies of the mind. It is time for conservatives to begin taking these drugs seriously. If they do, society at large will benefit.

America's Best Defense Against Socialism

Matthew Continetti

The Constitution decentralizes and diffuses power, making it extremely difficult to expand drastically the power of the state in the name of social justice.

Help Us Fight Campus Craziness

Katherine Timpf

Folks at colleges and universities all across the country seem to be favoring extreme government intervention — intervention that would come, of course, at the expense of exactly those freedoms that anyone with a brain knows we should cherish.

Theresa May: A Political Obituary

Madeleine Kearns

Theresa May says she will step down as prime minister effective June 7. Hooray and good riddance.

French Authorities Investigating Lyon Explosion as Potential Terror Attack

Mairead McArdle

French authorities are treating an explosion in the city of Lyon on Friday evening as a possible terror attack.




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