Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NR Daily: Protecting Religious Adoption Agencies Won’t Stop LGBT People from Adopting

Re-open religious adoption agencies. More kids would find homes.

July 31 2018


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Protecting Religious Adoption Agencies Won't Stop LGBT People from Adopting

Brad Polumbo

A bill in Congress would permit religious adoption agencies to operate again. More kids in foster care would find homes. Read More


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The Ill-Advised Effort to Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Andrew C. McCarthy

If the sponsors want accountability for investigative abuses in the Justice Department, this is not the way to get it.

Stanford Student Threatens Violence against Pro-Israel Students

Dov Greenberg

Universities must oppose the immoral and dangerous BDS movement.

Facebook Removes 32 Pages for 'Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior'

Mairead McArdle

The company said that it was not yet sure who was behind the pages, many of which spread avowedly left-wing messages.


We Need More Skeptics

J. J. McCullough

An orientation of skepticism does not rob politics of philosophy or principle; it merely asks citizens to be consistently on guard against easy conclusions.

The 3D-Gun Debate: Separating Truth from Fiction

David French

You don't need a license to make a gun for personal use; you need one only if you make a gun for sale or distribution.

No, Single-Payer Reforms Won't Curb Hospital Costs

Chris Pope

Single-payer reforms aren't likely to cut hospital costs. Eliminating barriers to hospital competition could.

A Must-See Play about Justice Scalia

Kyle Smith

The play, The Originalist, which will run at 59E59 Theaters through August 19, is a smart, challenging, heterodox, and delightful look at Antonin Scalia.

Senate Dems Request Kavanaugh's White House Records

Mairead McArdle

The ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have formally requested all documents relating to Kavanaugh's work in the George W. Bush White House.




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