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Final reminder

John, This is your final reminder:   will you become a Heritage member before tonight's deadline? You have until midnight to join us as we embark on one of our biggest challenges yet: getting the conservative agenda into the hands of President Trump and every lawmaker. President Trump has already embraced 64% of our recommendations—and with you by our side, we can continue influencing him and Congress to get through conservative policies that help Americans quickly.   Now the Trump Administration and Congress needs our policy research and recommendations in order to embrace the rest of our proposal. Could you take just 60 seconds and confirm that the information below is correct?  MEMBERSHIP RECORD FULL NAME: John Hames If this is how you'd like your name to appear on your membership card , please click here to confirm and activate your membership. If this is not how you'd like your name to appear, click here to give us the r

April Fool’s! The Tomb Is Empty.

Dear Jolters, A very truncated WJ begins with some egotism: Today is what we in this house call Holy Saturday. Yours Truly has a workable set of pipes and will be doing his sing thing (a.k.a. cantoring) tonight, at the Easter Vigil. If you're in Milford, Conn., around sundown, come on by Christ the Redeemer Church — try to count all the wrong notes the cantor hits when crooning a cappella the Exsultet . Today (Saturday!) is also the final day of March, and the last day we can call Kevin Williamson our colleague. There will be a final edition of Mad Dogs and Englishmen , KW's terrific podcast with Charlie Cooke. Look for it here . And then there's Jay Norldinger's long and passionate tribute to Kevin that merits your attention. Editorials 1. We take on the very much that was wrong about the "March for Our Lives." From the editorial ... March 31 2018 VISIT NATIONALREV