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Dear Fellow Patriot,

Have you heard of Project 2025?

This is The Heritage Foundation's presidential transition plan for the next administration.

And make no mistake Fellow Patriot, the radical Left HATES this plan!

Leftists in the media write countless hit pieces about this plan and activists frequently protest outside of our headquarters because of it.

As president of The Heritage Foundation, I treat their anger as a badge of honor.

With so much hysteria in the media, we want to arm you with what you really need to know about Project 2025 and how you can be a part of it. So, my team put together this free eBook called: 5 Reasons Leftists Hate Project 2025.

You can download your FREE digital copy using the secure link below.

This free resource explains the parts of Project 2025 that enrage leftists the most like securing America's borders and strengthening American families.

You'll also learn how this plan will dismantle the deep state, restore American freedom, and save our country.

I know things may seem dark in America now. But leftists are shaking in their boots over Project 2025 because they know it directly threatens their grip on power in Washington. This free eBook will give you hope that there is a plan to save our country.


Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D.
President, The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation

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