Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Allowing Boys in Girls Sports

April 19 2024
Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Allowing Boys in Girls Sports
By Sarah Parshall Perry

What does it take for a federal court to reach the outcome it wants—instead of the outcome that the law demands? Apparently, just some creative judicial gymnastics.
Biden's Global Pandemic Agreement Empowers WHO, China, Conservatives Warn
By Fred Lucas

Congressional Republicans call on President Biden to abandon plans for a pandemic treaty that would strengthen the World Health Organization, citing its failures during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Want a Faith-Filled Nation Back? Build the Family
By Virginia Allen

There is a direct link between being raised in a family with a present mom and dad and a commitment to faith, says J.P. De Gance, president and founder of Communio.
Republican Opposition to Ukraine Funding Now at 66%
By Rob Bluey

New polling sheds light on the contentious foreign aid bills being considered by the House of Representatives, revealing widespread disapproval among American voters.
Biden and Military Brass Assailed for Prioritizing DEI, Woke Ideology Over Merit, Readiness
By Will Thibeau

The Biden administration has revealed just how politicized the military can be, to the detriment of national security. Conservatives are catching on.
Seniors Support Medicare Options as Proposed by House Republicans
By Robert Moffit

The Republican Study Committee backs Medicare Advantage to fix the entitlement's struggles—a prescription that aligns with what seniors have demonstrated they know and like.
Congressional Progressive Caucus Vows to Codify 'Right' to 'Gender-Affirming Care'
By Mary Margaret Olohan

House Democrats release an agenda that includes a vow to codify a right to so-called gender-affirming care—transgender surgeries, hormones, and puberty blockers.
With NPR's Left-Wing Bias Again Exposed, Its Taxpayer Subsidies Draw Renewed Scrutiny
By Jarrett Stepman

A week after a liberal, 25-year veteran editor of National Public Radio published a damning online essay about the network's left-wing coverage, NPR's powers that be seem unwilling to listen.

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