I Went to the UPenn Campus to Address the Antisemitism Epidemic at US Colleges

April 26 2024
I Went to the UPenn Campus to Address the Antisemitism Epidemic at US Colleges
By Victoria Coates

What has become apparent to me in the aftermath of Oct. 7 is that First Amendment rights on campuses across the country have become selectively applied
Supreme Court Weighs Historic Presidential Immunity Case
By Hans von Spakovsky

Justice Brett Kavanaugh asks about "creative prosecutors"—a polite way of saying "abusive"—using a "vague statute" to go after a former president. 
How Much Are You Paying for Ukraine Aid? Economist Crunches the Numbers
By Rob Bluey

Even as Americans grow increasingly pessimistic and agitated about their personal finances, Congress is asking struggling families to cover the cost of more funding for Ukraine.
Mexican NGO With Pro-Biden Flyers Also Allowed Anti-Trump Display, Images Show
By Fred Lucas

The flyers posted at the migrant services center in Mexico across the border from Brownsville, Texas, told illegal aliens: "Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States."
'Trial by Ambush': Former Federal Prosecutors Call Alvin   Bragg's Strategy Unlike Anything They've Seen Before
By Katelynn Richardson

"If this was anyone other than Donald Trump, this would be laughed out of court," says a former federal prosecutor.
Why the Sudden Rise in Fentanyl Deaths Among Young People? 
By Mary Elise Cosgray

"I know that he took a pill, I don't know how he got it or what he thought it was," says Janet Hehl. "I found him unresponsive in his room in the afternoon after speaking to him that morning."  
Big Questions Before Supreme Court in Trump's Presidential Immunity Case
By Virginia Allen

The justices have to answer three questions in order to make a decision in the Trump case, says John Malcolm, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation.
EXCLUSIVE: How The Daily Wire Is Bringing the Christian Faith of King Arthur and Merlin to Life
By Tyler O'Neil

A new series will show how the wizard Merlin and his father, Taliesin, learn to let God direct their supernatural powers, Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire's CEO and the series' director, explains
EXCLUSIVE: Seattle School Board Member Calls Israel 'Right-Wing Apartheid   Force' in Pro-BLM Email
By Tony Kinnett

A Seattle school board member called Israel a "right-wing apartheid force" and praised the Black Lives Matter movement six days after Hamas' terrorist attacks.

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