let PBS/NPR sink or swim in a free market

NPR “reporters” are either lying or do not have enough "self-awareness" to realize that they are biased. I suspect the former, although indoctrination is a powerful tool‼️

In a free society, NPR and PBS ought to have the right to continue broadcasting, but not be funded by the government. We the people should not be supporting, with tax dollars, any entity that is in any way biased, pro or con, toward any political party.


Cut government funds and let PBS/NPR sink or swim in a free market.  My gut feeling is that they would fade into the ash heap of history, if cut off from the government pig trough.


FOX News




NPR reporters scoff at claims outlet is biased: ‘We have strong, heated editorial debates’ about coverage

Opinion by Gabriel Hays

 • 15h • 3 min read



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