Let the Ivy Leagues Reap What They’ve Sown

April 30 2024
Let the Ivy Leagues Reap What They've Sown
By Jarrett Stepman

Unlike in 1968, when student unrest was eventually met with force as protests got out of line, most American institutions are willingly or unwillingly helpless in the face of this chaos.
Left-Wing Environmentalists Score Another Victory in Their Jihad Against Energy
By Mario Loyola

Energy scarcity is looming on the horizon. Yet the Biden administration is not taking the problem of overall energy supply seriously.
DC Resident to Mayor: Since Homeless Encampments Are Permitted, Can Tourists Camp Too?
By Virginia Allen

If D.C. isn't going to clean up homeless encampments, the city should embrace equal opportunity for all and allow tourists to pitch a tent and save on hotel costs, one resident says.
Inclusion Center at UF Faces 'Elimination' If Found to Violate Florida's Anti-DEI Law
By Elizabeth Troutman

Florida's new law bars public colleges and universities from spending taxpayer dollars on DEI programs.
Unraveling the Damage Done by Our Welfare System
By Virginia Allen

Utah integrated workforce and welfare services in the 1990s, so when an individual seeks government assistance, the first step is to help him re-enter the workforce.
44 Signs and Chalk Messages From Pro-Palestine Encampment at DC University
By Virginia Allen

"Queer + Trans folks for a liberated PALESTINE," reads one sign.
'NYPD KKK': What I Saw at Columbia Encampment When the Deadline to Leave Struck
By Jarrett Stepman

"U.S. imperialist, number one terrorist," claims one chant.
K-12 'Action Civics' Trained Students Encamped on College Campuses. Here's What Parents Need to Know.
By Jonathan Butcher

Los Angeles is one of the school districts that taught students how to protest for nearly a decade.
ICYMI: Pro-Palestine Protesters Deface Statue of George Washington
By Virginia Allen

Stickers reading "End the Genocide Free Palestine" and "Anti-Fascist Action" are affixed to Washington's statue.
ICYMI: Feds: Employers Must Accommodate Trans Employees' Bathrooms, Pronoun Preferences or Be Guilty of Harassment
By Fred Lucas

Under new federal guidelines, an employer would be guilty of harassment for requiring someone to use a restroom that comports with his biological sex, or for referring to someone by non-preferred pronouns.

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