Dirty Deeds Done in the Dark: Leftist Lawyers Caught Engaging in Attorney Misconduct

Plus: Why Small Businesses Hate Bidenomics
April 24 2024
Dirty Deeds Done in the Dark: Leftist Lawyers Caught Engaging in Attorney Misconduct
By Hans von Spakovsky, Sarah Parshall Perry

A scathing report by three federal judges reveals the "misconduct" of plaintiff lawyers in a challenge to Alabama's ban on gender-transition medicine for minors.
Why Small Businesses Hate Bidenomics
By Stephen Moore

The latest Small Business Optimism Index from the National Federation of Independent Business could hardly be more depressing.
Kansas Universities Spent $45 Million on DEI. Lawmakers Want to Know What They Paid For.
By Jonathan Butcher

At Kansas University, school officials spent $689 per student on DEI activities.
A Story of the Soil and the Soul
By Armstrong Williams

Farming teaches faith in God, food cultivation, animal husbandry, the value of love, the richness of relationships, and the growth of character.
New York Poised to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay Journalists
By Harold Hutchison

New York state lawmakers plan to hand out tens of millions in taxpayer dollars to local media outlets to help pay for journalists' salaries.
ICYMI: I Went to New York University's Anti-Israel Protests. Here's What I Saw.
By Jarrett Stepman

"There is only one solution, intifada revolution." That was one of many chants yelled into a bullhorn at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington Square Park in New York City.

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