Scotland’s New Transgender ‘Hate Crime’ Law Already Showing How It Leads to Tyranny

April 15 2024
Scotland's New Transgender 'Hate Crime' Law Already Showing How It Leads to Tyranny
By Jarrett Stepman

Siobhian Brown, Scotland's minister for victims and community safety, was asked whether intentionally "misgendering" someone would be considered a crime under the law.
'Hush Money' Criminal Case Against Trump Is 'Bogus.' Legal Expert Explains Why.
By Virginia Allen

"This case is just bogus from start to finish," says Heritage Foundation legal scholar Hans von Spakovsky of the Manhattan trial of former President Trump, which starts today.
Swing Voters Deliver Harsh Verdict: Biden Administration Is a Failure
By Rob Bluey

President Biden's efforts to deflect blame for the border crisis and high cost of living aren't working with swing voters, according to new polling from Echelon Insights.
Newly Appointed 4th Circuit Judge Married to Pro-Abortion Christine Ford Lawyer
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Recently appointed 4th Circuit Judge Nicole Berner is legally married to the pro-abortion lawyer who represented Christine Blasey Ford.
This Bill Would Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Swaying Congressional Representation
By Fred Lucas

"Sanctuary cities and states inflate their population with illegal aliens. Then they're rewarded with more congressional representation by a Census that counts illegal aliens," warns a GOP lawmaker.
Mental Health Crisis Includes Counselors' Lack of Faith in God
By Carrie Sheffield

Robust scientific evidence correlates faith and religious practice with strengthening mental health and preventing suicide and drug and alcohol overdoses.
ICYMI: DEI Cronyism and Woke Grifters
By Victor Davis Hanson

When ideology replaces meritocracy or provides immunity from the consequences of illegal behavior, systemic mediocrity follows.

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