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Why does the Left embrace anti-white racism? Find out on the Tucker Carlson Network

Why does the Left embrace anti-white racism?

Wed, Apr 24,

Tucker Carlson Network
America has endured a shocking amount of change over the past two decades, and few are more profound than our ruling class’ embrace of anti-white racism.

The version of this country that adult generations grew up in, a place where it was wrong to treat people differently based on their skin color, is long gone. Now, barely anyone bats an eye when HR departments or admissions offices use race as a reason to deny an applicant from a job or school, or even when the President of the United States scolds half of his population for having the wrong pigment.

Aren’t those the exact kinds of things the civil rights movement aimed to stop? How could our leaders have forgotten that message so quickly? Author Jeremy Carl has extensively studied this phenomenon, and he joined Tucker Carlson Uncensored to explain what’s behind this modern racism’s rise. Click the image below to watch.

Tucker Carlson Uncensored

Jeremy Carl tells Tucker:

“There’s a lot of concern that we should have about the situation we’re in right now… this rhetoric is incredibly toxic from the Democrats that the direction they’d like to go is really of a sort of racial caste system and that what we’re going to do as a result of that is going to be something that would be very very bleak for every American, but certainly for white Americans most of all.”


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