Pro-Palestine Protesters Deface Statue of George Washington

Plus: Latest Job-Killing Policy Spells More Bad News for Californians
April 29 2024
Pro-Palestine Protesters Deface Statue of George Washington
By Virginia Allen

Stickers reading "End the Genocide Free Palestine" and "Anti-Fascist Action" are affixed to Washington's statue.
Latest Job-Killing Policy Spells More Bad News for Californians
By EJ Antoni

California's list of public policy failures was already long, but hiking its minimum wage to $20 an hour for fast-food workers may belong at the top.
Biden's Precarious Parole Programs for Illegal Immigrants: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

I call President Biden's parole programs "McVisas" because they have all the benefits of a visa but none of the costs or controls. No fee. No medical check. No background check.
Differences Among States Are a Plus, Not a Bug, in Our System
By Lathan Watts

Fifty laboratories of innovation provide Americans with the freedom to vote with their feet by living in states that reflect their priorities.
California's EV Agenda Will Require Massive and Costly Infrastructure Upgrades, Analysis Finds
By Nick Pope

The state, often heralded as a national leader in electric vehicles, is set to ban the sale of purely gas-powered passenger vehicles in the state after 2035.
Making Sense of the Male-Female 'Wage Gap'
By Rachel Greszler

Are women really being paid only 84 cents on the dollar to do the exact same jobs as men? Of course not.
ICYMI: 6 Reasons Chinese Nationals Are Illegally Crossing California's Southern Border
By Virginia Allen

Chinese nationals are crossing America's southern border at a rapid rate.

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  1. It's high time (pun intended) for the indoctrinated to give back to the indoctinators.

    The 🐔 chickens have come home to roost ‼️


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