California School System Sued Over Falsified History About Israel-Hamas War

April 17 2024
California School System Sued Over Falsified History About Israel-Hamas War
By Tony Kinnett

A California public school district that attempted to hide pro-Hamas course material from parents now faces legal action.
Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case That Could Undermine Jan. 6 Prosecutions
By Seth Lucas

Justice Neil Gorsuch asked whether outbursts that required the court to reconvene or pulling a fire alarm that required a congressional vote to be rescheduled were federal felonies subject to 20 years in...
After Discovery of 'Vote for Biden' Flyers in Mexico, Mayorkas Can't Say How to Stop Illegal Aliens From Voting
By Fred Lucas

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas can't tell Congress how his department could safeguard U.S. elections from illegal voting by foreigners.
Apologies for Government Response to COVID-19 Not Good Enough, Witnesses Say
By Jarrett Stepman

Rep. Chip Roy says the government response to the pandemic triggered "some of the most aggressive usurpations of freedom [that] modern Americans have experienced."
Long-Awaited Articles of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Mayorkas Arrive in Senate
By Virginia Allen

Republicans who backed the impeachment of Mayorkas are concerned that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will hold a vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment altogether.
WATCH: How HHS Secretary Answers Whether Abortion Day Before Due Date Should Be Legal
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"If Roe v. Wade were the law of the land, and a woman wanted to take the life of her child the day before her child was due … then you support her ability to do that?" asks Sen. Katie Britt.
Biden's 'Plan C' Scheme for Canceling Student Loan Debt Also Gets an 'F'
By Adam Kissel, Madison Marino

Under President Biden's proposed rule, many people who have no financial hardship at all, but who delayed payments for some reason, would see their interest canceled.
DC Mayor Silent on Motorbikes Without License Plates
By Virginia Allen, Tim Kennedy, Christian Lasval

Men and women alike—many of them in the country illegally—are driving motorized bikes around the District of Columbia without license plates.
Bill Aims to Stop Illegal Aliens From Squatting in US Homes
By Virginia Allen

Leonel Moreno, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, recently went viral on social media after a video post explaining how to take advantage of squatting laws in the U.S.
ICYMI: California Cares More About Virtue Signaling Than Alleviating Homelessness
By Jarrett Stepman

Poverty programs in California increasingly appear to be pure redistribution of wealth.

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