Automobile ‘Bidenvilles’ Are the New Shantytowns Amid US Housing Affordability Crisis

Plus: NYC: Sucker Punch City
April 3 2024
Automobile 'Bidenvilles' Are the New Shantytowns Amid US Housing Affordability Crisis
By EJ Antoni

Many Americans are living out of their cars because they can't afford housing. If history is any guide, will the "Hoovervilles" of parking lots full of Americans soon be known as "Bidenvilles"?
NYC: Sucker Punch City
By Jarrett Stepman

Officials in New York seem more consumed by their ideological crusades than in dealing with escalating chaos in the city.
Biden Admin Punts on Radical Title IX Sports Rule Change for Now, but Nebraska Has Chance to Act
By Sarah Parshall Perry

The Biden Department of Education delays its new rule allowing males who identify as females to participate in women's scholastic sports and share restrooms, locker rooms, and more.
Debunking the Supposed 'Historical' Christian View That Abortion Is OK
By Sarah Holliday

A former evangelical minister argues that protecting the unborn is "not settled Christian theology." Biblical experts explain why that's biblically and historically illiterate.
Biden DOJ Targets Utah Prison Agency's Policies After Trans Prisoner Cut Off Testicles
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Biden's Justice Department sues Utah for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for not giving female hormones to a male prisoner who identifies as a woman and wants to be housed with female prisoners.

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