Why Was DOJ Silent About Border Patrol 'Whipping' Investigation Conclusion? What New Emails Reveal

September 11 2023
Why Was DOJ Silent About Border Patrol 'Whipping' Investigation Conclusion? What New Emails Reveal
By Fred Lucas

After closing its investigation of a false allegation that Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants, Justice Department officials didn't notify the targets of the probe.
BEWARE: California Bills Headed to Newsom's Desk Will Launch a Transgender Inquisition Targeting Parents
By Tyler O'Neil

California's Legislature has passed—or is about to pass—a slew of bills aimed at undermining the rights of parents (and potential foster parents) who disagree with the transgender worldview.
'AMERICAN AID FIRST': Sen. Rick Scott Slams Democrats for Binding Disaster Aid to More Ukraine Spending
By Tony Kinnett

Sen. Rick Scott called out Senate Democrats for continuing to block federal aid to American disaster victims by tying any such funds to $44 billion in proposed aid to Ukraine.
Chuck Schumer's National Security Problem
By Ryan Walker

John Aquilino, commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that the holds are having "no impact" on operations.
DC Judge: 'Truth' About Aborted Baby Remains Not 'Relevant' to DOJ Case Against Pro-Lifers
By Mary Margaret Olohan

A Washington, D.C., judge has refused to allow pro-life activists to show photos of aborted, preemie-sized babies as evidence in court.
Tom Cotton Demands Answers After Defense Department Rule Neuters the Brave Men and Women Who Serve in the Armed Forces
By Tyler O'Neil

Cotton notes in a letter that he would "welcome a reply that this whole episode was just a practical joke, or a decision you immediately reversed when it came to your attention."
In His Own Words: Why Coach Kennedy 'Retired' After Just One Game
By Virginia Allen

The reason Coach Joe Kennedy decided to resign after his first game back at Bremerton High School following his Supreme Court victory is "pretty simple," according to him.
ICYMI: California Passes Bill Requiring Parents to Affirm Kids' Gender 'Transitions'
By Tony Kinnett

The bill on its way to the governor's desk would require judges in child custody cases to consider whether a parent has affirmed a child's "gender transition."

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