Tuberville Wanted a Vote on Biden's 'Woke' Joint Chiefs Chairman. Here Are the Results

September 22 2023
Tuberville Wanted a Vote on Biden's 'Woke' Joint Chiefs Chairman. Here Are the Results
By Fred Lucas

Gen. Charles "C.Q." Brown Jr. will "prioritize the woke DEI priorities of the Biden administration over merit-based criteria," Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., tells The Daily Signal.
Confirmed: Man Who Raped His 10-Year-Old Daughter Housed With Female Prison Inmates
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Mark Campbell is incarcerated in a women's prison in Wisconsin. He is a registered sex offender convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child, his 10-year-old daughter.
Over 200,000 Illegal Aliens Flew to US in Past Year, Immigration Watchdog Reports
By Virginia Allen

Not all illegal aliens are entering the U.S. along the southern or northern border, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.
4 Ways Washington's Spending Spree Caused Inflation With Trillions in Waste, Fraud
By David Ditch

A new report shows that Congress passed an astonishing $7.5 trillion in new spending between 2020 and 2022—or more than $57,000 per household.
The BorderLine / This Week: Inside Biden's Bogus Illegal Immigrant 'Visa' Program
By Simon Hankinson

The president's visa program lets aliens illegally cross into the U.S. and remain indefinitely—as long as they have sponsors here. Shockingly, sponsors can include other illegal aliens.
How The Chinese Communist Party Is Influencing US Classrooms
By Samantha Aschieris

"Well, they come in and they soft pedal their propaganda, but yet they also whitewash history by eliminating Taiwan," says Rep. Aaron Bean, R-Fla.
Fox News Founder Rupert Murdoch Stepping Down at Fox Corp. and News Corp. at 92
By Lucy Gilbert

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch, 92, announces he is stepping down as chair of Fox Corp. and executive chairman of News Corp., Fox News reports. 
Lack of Swift, Certain Punishment Fuels Crime Wave
By Cal Thomas

Of all the explanations for the rise in crime in America, none may be more accurate than the lack of swift and certain punishment.
Of Course, I Think About the Roman Empire Daily. You Don't?
By Tyler O'Neil

Perhaps the more salient question isn't "Why do you think about the Roman Empire daily?" but rather: "How could you not?"
ICYMI: Pentagon Reverses Gender-Neutral Pronoun Policy for Awards After Heritage Takes It to Task
By Cully Stimson

The Pentagon reverses its asinine gender-neutral pronoun rule for certain award citations, which my Heritage Foundation colleague Dakota Wood and I exposed earlier this month.

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