Here's How Biden Admin Destroyed Our Immigration Law

September 23 2023
Here's How Biden Admin Destroyed Our Immigration Law
By Victor Davis Hanson

No nation in history has survived once its borders were destroyed, its citizenship was rendered no different from mere residence, and its neighbors with impunity undermined its sovereignty.
Disney's Un-Midas Touch Ruins 'Star Wars,' Marvel, Even Disney Itself
By Tyler O'Neil

The House of Mouse should invest less in diversity, equity, and inclusion and more in crafting a good story that honors the legacies of the franchises it seems so desperate to ruin.
Virginia Parents Sue After School Board Fails to Adopt Model Transgender Policies
By Kate Anderson

Two parents file a lawsuit against the Virginia Beach School Board for voting down proposed policies on keeping parents informed about their child's interest in changing gender.
Biden Admin's Latest Political Target: Christopher Rufo
By Mike Gonzalez

The weaponization of the government against President Biden's political opponents and anyone fighting "woke" orthodoxy is going at such dizzying speed that it's hard to keep pace.
Public Broadcasting Didn't Serve Public Interest With Shallow Coverage of Garland Hearing
By Tim Graham

In contrast, PBS, like almost every news network on television, offered expansive live coverage of the Nancy Pelosi-picked panel investigating the Jan. 6 rioting.
YouTube's Unfair Preemptive Strike on Russell Brand
By Ben Shapiro

Allegations now can be used to erase unpleasant people from social media—presumably because of what they have done in the past, but really because of what they say now.
Democrats Shred Senate Dress Code Into Rags
By Deroy Murdock

Not even the Senate's dress code could withstand Democrats' impulse to make things dirty, ugly, and dangerous.

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