How Marxist Left Captured Higher Education

Plus: Biden's Worsening Border Crisis Is an Attack on Self-Government
September 29 2023
How Marxist Left Captured Higher Education
By Mike Gonzalez

The leftists running America's institutions see it as their quest to "decolonize" the university from Western thinking.
Biden's Worsening Border Crisis Is an Attack on Self-Government
By Jarrett Stepman

This is the most acute crisis facing the country today, and our toothless Caesar bears responsibility.
Network 'News' Predictably Blames Republicans in 'Shutdown Showdown'
By Tim Graham

The "news" provides speculative sob stories about victimized bureaucrats.
How Washington's $7.5 Trillion Deficit-Spending Spree Is Bankrupting America
By David Ditch, Richard Stern

The sum of new spending authorizations between 2020 and 2022 was a staggering $7.5 trillion—over $57,400 per household.
The US Government Violated My Free Speech Rights During COVID-19 Pandemic
By Jay Bhattacharya

Some entities at the heart of the government's censorship enterprise can still organize to suppress speech.
ICYMI: Day 1 of Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry: 7 Big Takeaways
By Fred Lucas

Republicans lay out some of the gathered evidence of what they call influence peddling by President Biden, son Hunter Biden, and other members of his family.
ICYMI: Dianne Feinstein Is Dead. What Happens Next?
By Jarrett Stepman

Dianne Feinstein dies at age 90. Here's how her successor will be chosen.

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