Why Are Gun Companies Losing Payroll Services? Cruz Investigation Finds Underlying Culprit

Plus: Hey, Republicans: Don't Forget About Growth and Prosperity
September 26 2023
Why Are Gun Companies Losing Payroll Services? Cruz Investigation Finds Underlying Culprit
By Tyler O'Neil

"Woke big banks are increasingly weaponizing their power to cut off law-abiding businesses from accessing banking services," Ted Cruz tells The Daily Signal.
Hey, Republicans: Don't Forget About Growth and Prosperity
By Stephen Moore

House Republicans are in another titanic battle with President Biden on how to balance the budget. Actually, it's a lopsided debate because Democrats have no interest in reducing the deficit.
Woke Duke Energy Jacks Up Electric Rates to Pay for ESG, Zero Carbon Mandates
By Miles Pollard

Duke Energy throws consumers under the proverbial (electric) bus to make its operations carbon neutral by 2050. As a result, electricity prices in North Carolina may increase by 19% over three years.
UK's Keen Grasp of Obvious: 2030 Mandate on Electric Vehicles Is Unachievable
By Cal Thomas

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak relaxes his requirement for all vehicles sold in the U.K. to be electric within five years, yielding to pressure from the Conservative Party.
House Budget Panel Republicans Deliver Plan to Tackle $33T Debt
By David Ditch

It seems that few in Washington are interested in fiscal sanity. Fortunately, the House Budget Committee's new budget proposal could help turn things around.
Rep. Bob Good Proposes Defunding Colleges With Vax Mandates
By Sara Garstka

A Virginia congressman introduces a bill to withhold federal funds from institutions of higher education that require vaccinations against COVID-19.
ICYMI: How Many Times Does a Court Have to Rule Against Illegal DACA Program Before It's Terminated?
By Hans von Spakovsky

How many times do the courts have to strike down DACA before the executive branch finally terminates a program it never had the authority to grant in the first place?

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