Joe Biden must be impeached ‼️


Dear Friends,

Just days into the 118th Congress, I led the charge demanding impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. While some questioned Republicans on opening an impeachment inquiry, recent revelations have underscored its necessity. The evidence against President Biden is mounting, and pursuing impeachment is warranted and essential.

Here's why:

Illegal Connections with Hunter's Enterprises: Recent House GOP investigations have highlighted Joe Biden's deep involvement with his son Hunter's business affairs. Overwhelming evidence indicates Joe Biden leveraged his public office for private family benefit.

The Burisma Affair: There is significant proof Joe Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian government to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor and protect Hunter's foreign connections at the Ukrainian company Burisma. 

Unearthed Emails & Financial Transactions: Thousands of pseudonym emails from Joe Biden and highly illegal financial transactions through Hunter's shell companies paint the picture of a coordinated cover-up to shield Joe Biden from investigation.

Whistleblower Reprisals: Reports suggest whistleblowers within the FBI and IRS who attempted to bring these issues to light faced repeated reprisals.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has rightfully opened a long overdue impeachment inquiry. This is not about one individual but about safeguarding the integrity of our great nation's highest office. 


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