Friday, September 15, 2023

A Time for Tough Words From Pope Francis

September 15 2023
A Time for Tough Words From Pope Francis
By Katrina Trinko

When I see that Pope Francis would be a speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative this month, my heart sinks. As a Catholic, I can hardly think of someone I want Francis to engage with less than Bill Clinton.
'Haven't Even Scratched the Surface': Republicans Explain Why an Impeachment Inquiry Is So Important
By Fred Lucas

"The bottom line is we've got to look into these and see where the facts lead," Texas Rep. Chip Roy says, explaining that the impeachment inquiry will help.
Doctors Removed Her Breasts At Age 16. Now She's Suing.
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Detransitioner Luka Hein sues the medical providers who in 2018 surgically amputated her breasts at the age of 16, "leaving her physically and psychologically scarred."
Hunter Biden Indicted on Drug-Related Gun Charges
By Fred Lucas

Special counsel David Weiss indicts Hunter Biden on three drug-related gun charges just two days after the House opens a formal impeachment inquiry targeting his father.
3 Things Parents Should Know as Kids Head Back to School
By Madison Marino

So, 2023 is the "year of education freedom." What does that mean for parents? Families have more options in K-12 education than ever before.
Donald Trump Pledges to Champion Homeschool Families
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"To every homeschool family, I will be your champion," the former president says, announcing new, concrete ways he plans to help "parents who make the courageous choice of homeschool."
The DEI Racket Transformed Our Colleges, Universities. But Tide Could Be Turning.
By Jarrett Stepman

A news report sheds light on how higher education has been transformed from a general haven of left-wing ideology into an engine of radicalism. Yet there are signs that change may be coming.
ICYMI: The New Segregation? Randi Weingarten Smears Parental Rights Movement
By Tyler O'Neil

A top teachers union boss cites a far-left smear factory in demonizing the parental rights movement by comparing it to "Uptown Klans" that opposed the end of racial segregation in schools in 1954.

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