Why Do the Left's 'Hate' Monitors Often End Up Being So Hateful Themselves?

November 29 2023
Why Do the Left's 'Hate' Monitors Often End Up Being So Hateful Themselves?
By Tyler O'Neil

Maryland's new commission to "prevent and respond to hate crime activity" has met only once, but one member already has been suspended—for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.
Biden Ed Secretary's Reagan Misquote Perfectly Illustrates Ignorance of Our Failed Ruling Class
By Jarrett Stepman

Our leaders know little about where we came from and less about where we are going.
Auto Dealers Call on Biden to Hit Brakes on Unrealistic, Unachievable Electric Vehicles Mandate
By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Despite subsidies to car manufacturers to make the EVs, and tax credits for drivers to buy the cars, only 7% of new vehicle sales are electric vehicles, compared with President Biden's goal of 60% in 2030.
Google Maps Removed DC Pregnancy Center
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Google Maps removed directions to a Washington, D.C., pro-life pregnancy center and instead offered searchers options that included a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.
Anti-Christian Hate Rising in Europe: From Job Firings to Arson to Murders
By S.A. McCarthy

A new report is documenting a drastic rise in anti-Christian hate crimes across Europe.
How University of Michigan Failed to Protect My Right to Free Speech
By Josh Hammer

Within minutes of starting my speech, 20 to 25 protesters stood up in unison. Their shirts featured photos of Palestinian Arabs who have died in Gaza since the war started.
Going Where Government Can't: One Woman's Mission to Help the Persecuted
By Virginia Allen

."Christians are suffering a lot of persecution around the world today," says Baroness Caroline Cox, who leads the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust.
EXCLUSIVE: Here's How Much Regulations Cost Average American Family—and How Biden Is Making It Worse
By Tyler O'Neil

"American households pay at least $14,000 in hidden regulatory costs every year," says Wayne Crews, a regulatory studies expert at Competitive Enterprise Institute.
ICYMI: EXCLUSIVE: Heritage Identifies Documents That Could Speed Up Investigation Into Biden's Alias Email Accounts
By Colin Aamot

The National Archives possesses 731 documents relevant to the creation of President Biden's alias email accounts and, potentially, who authorized their use.

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