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Dear John:

Happy Thanksgiving!

The CPRC's Kerry Slone has her first op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the Rahimi case that the Supreme Court just heard. Over the next week, we will be posting the interviews she has been doing on her piece, but here is one she did with Ed Martin on the Pro America Report.

I also had a piece on the Supreme Court's oral arguments at Real Clear Politics, and I did radio interviews the Sebastian Gorka'sBill Martinez'sSteve Malzberg's, and Armed American Radio's national radio shows and Vicki McKenna's show that covers Wisconsin and Cincinnati's WLW. Armed American Radio had me on for an hour, and I thought the discussion went particularly wellAmerica's Voice Live television show also had me on to discuss the court case. I talked about the Lewiston, Maine mass murder on Philadelphia's WPHTOregon's Bill Meyer ShowWisconsin's Vicki McKenna Show, and Armed American Radio

For those looking for something humorous, more gun control organizations are blaming me for mass public shootings in the United States, with an organization calling for me to be put in prison

My talk at Tufts University on how gun control laws discriminate against minorities and the poor is available here. Tufts had set up a debate with Boston University's well-known gun control advocate, Mark Siegel. They had even had him agree to a date, but when they told him that they had gotten me to debate him, he discovered that the date he had agreed to had a conflict. Unfortunately, Siegel was unavailable for other dates, and none of the other academics that Tufts contacted in the Boston area were available.

Yesterday, I testified before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. There were lively exchanges, and I hope to post the testimony in my next email.

We have also continued collecting cases where people legally carrying guns in public have stopped crimes. Here are the cases that we collected for August

On a positive development, Jews in New York and South Florida are flocking to get concealed handgun permits.

There is some good news. We are starting our end-of-the-year fundraising, and we have a chance to receive two different matching donations. The first generous offer from Joseph Olson, a retired law school professor in Minnesota, means we will receive up to $10,000 for new donors who help us out over the next month. However, there are a couple of restrictions before we get this money: 1) the contributions must come from people who haven't previously donated to us, and 2) Olson will match donations up to $200. That means for us to receive all $10,000 we will have to get 30 gifts of $500 or, say, 15 donations of $1,000 or some other similar breakdown. The other matching donation is from an anonymous donor and is unrestricted. Any donations up to the first $15,000 we receive will be matched dollar for dollar.

This means that each dollar donated from new donors up to $200 will be tripled, and all other donations up to $15,000 will be doubled.

I try not to bother you all more than twice a year, and your support is incredibly important for the work that we need to do. And I want you to know how much we greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you very much.

For information on activities at the Crime Prevention Research Center, here is a link to our “info deck.” Please view in full-screen mode and scroll using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

But we need help getting this message out. If you have friends you think might find our emails interesting, please encourage them to sign up by sending them the link here



Violent Crime Rates by Race

Vice President Kamala Harris falsely claims: “Muslims in America and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate fueled attacks.”



At the Wall Street Journal: How to Handle Domestic Violence and Gun Rights

At Real Clear Politics: Domestic Violence Protection Orders Don’t Pass Constitutional Muster



Listen to Talk at Tufts University on How Gun Control Laws Discriminate Against Minorities and the Poor


Television interviews/Podcasts

On America’s Voice Live with Steve Gruber: To Discuss SCOTUS Oral Arguments on Rahimi, what standards should be met to take away someone’s guns

Worth Listening To: On the Kim Iversen Show: The Gun Control Debate: What The Data Says About What Really Works


Radio interviews/Podcasts

Worth listening to: On Armed American Radio: Domestic Violence Protection Orders Don’t Pass Constitutional Muster

On The Vicki McKenna Show: Understanding what is at state in the Supreme Court’s Rahimi Case

On the Steve Malzberg Show: To Discuss The Supreme Court Case United States v. Rahimi

On America First with Sebastian Gorka: To Discuss An Upcoming SCOTUS Gun Control Case and Maine Mass Shooting

On the Bill Martinez Show: To Discuss Leaked Nashville Shooter Manifesto, Israel-Hamas War, and SCOTUS case U.S. v. Rahimi

On the Pro America Report with Ed Martin: To Discuss the Relationship between Domestic Violence and Gun Rights

On WLW: Discussing the Israel-Hamas War and the Pending SCOTUS case U.S. v. Rahimi

On the Bill Meyer Show: To Discuss Debate over Gun Laws in Wake of Maine Mass Shooting

On WPHT’s The Rich Zeoli Show: To Discuss the Lewiston, Maine Mass Shooting

On Armed American Radio: To Discuss Maine Mass Shooting

On The Vicki McKenna Show: To Discuss the Latest Mass Shooting in Lewiston, Maine

On the Alan Nathan Show: To Discuss Israel’s Armed Citizens 

On Vegas at Eight with Alan Stock on Las Vegas’ Giant KXNT-AM: To Discuss the Importance of Self-Defense Gun Use and Gun Control Regulations in Israel

On the Pro America Report with Ed Martin: Why Not Enforce Existing Laws Rather Than Push for New Gun Control?


Television Show Bias on Guns

Media Bias: CBS’s FBI Most Wanted Pushes Notion that People Carrying Guns are a Threat to Democracy


Media Coverage of the CPRC



Defensive Gun Uses

Defensive Gun Uses By People Legally Carrying Guns: 25 Cases During August 2023


Other Recent Testimony

Testimony before the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary on Gun Control


Recent C-SPAN Appearances

Gun Control Myths

Washington Journal John Lott on Gun Violence in the U.S..


Yet more Gun Control Advocates Blame John Lott for Mass Public Shootings

Jews in New York City are Applying for Concealed Handgun permits

Jews in South Florida are Arming Themselves

Armed Man saves Woman from Robber at Major transit hub, Police say. Police Arrest the Good Samaritan. This occurred while the NYPD was being even more restrictive on issuing permits.








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