The Blackburn Report: Honoring Five Brave Servicemembers

On November 10, Fort Campbell’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment tragically lost five soldiers when their helicopter crashed during a training flight over the Mediterranean Sea. On behalf of all Tennesseans, I want to offer my prayers and support to these soldiers’ families and to the brave men and women of the 160th. Watch my floor speech honoring these brave soldiers here




Weekly Rundown
Radicals have launched a smear campaign against the Supreme Court simply because they disagree with the Court’s recent decisions. In the Senate Judiciary Committee, I recommended multiple subpoenas, including subpoenas to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s staff and book publisher as well as a subpoena for Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to provide flight logs for his private plane.







This week, President Biden and Communist China’s ruler Xi Jinping met in San Francisco. Even though the U.S. has made China aware of their complicity in the U.S. fentanyl epidemic for years, the CCP continues to funnel drugs into this country that kill thousands of Americans every year. If we are serious about competing with China, we should focus on hardening our economy against China’s abuses and on pursuing initiatives with willing partners. We should not throw any kind of economic lifeline to Xi Jinping.


From college campuses to corporate newsrooms to Chinese-owned TikTok, anti-Israel content has become pervasive ever since the October 7 massacre in Israel. Those of us willing to speak with moral clarity must stand with Israel and the Jewish people against those who want to see the Jewish state wiped off the map. Read more here.



It was another productive week in our nation's capital standing for the interests of Tennessee and the United States.


Marsha's Roundup

Watch My Floor Speeches, Hearing Remarks, Unmuted With Marsha Episodes, And Interviews Below 













  • I was honored to receive the 2023 Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) Innovation Award, which is given to members of Congress who work to promote innovation within the medical technology industry and bolster patient care. 
  • To learn about everything I’m doing to support Israel and counter its adversaries, please visit my new Israel web page. 
  • If you are visiting Washington during the Christmas season, White House tours are booking up fast. Visit our website to request a tour. 
  • For those of you who are planning on traveling internationally, please make sure your passports are current. At this time, the State Department is taking months to process passport requests. If you have any questions about this process, please call any of our state offices for additional information.

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