Are you as concerned about this as I am?

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I'll bet you've heard this one before: voter fraud doesn't exist—it's just a ploy.

That's the baseless narrative constantly pushed by politicians, liberal fanatics, and their mainstream media mouthpieces.

Apparently, election fraud only exists when the Left loses elections. The preposterous hypocrisy simply knows no bounds.

The reality is that voter fraud does exist and it is on the rise, despite attempts to minimize this issue.

And to ensure that this urgent matter is addressed through aggressive reform and oversight, today I'm asking you to join other concerned citizens by completing our National Survey on Election Fraud >>

Your answers will help us educate policymakers and hold those who enable fraud legally accountable.

The survey should only take a minute or so to complete, but your input is invaluable to this work. You can get started right now using the secure link below:    

Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your response.


Alexander Hyatt

The Heritage Foundation

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