Atlanta Rioter: ‘My Gender Is a Loaded Gun Pointed at Capitalism’s Heart’

November 27 2023
Atlanta Rioter: 'My Gender Is a Loaded Gun Pointed at Capitalism's Heart'
By Tyler O'Neil

The journal reads like a mass shooter's manifesto, with crude drawings of police officers hung on trees with KKK members and poems about Marxism and climate change.
Why Supreme Court May Knock Out Ruling on Voting Rights Act 
By Fred Lucas

An appeals court ruling on election redistricting in Arkansas likely is headed for the Supreme Court. Here's why.
'Communism Is Not Only Here, It's Going Mainstream,' Survivor of Mao's China Says
By Samantha Aschieris

"'Woke' is nothing new. It happened before," says Xi Van Fleet, author of "Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning." "What's going on in America is history repeating."
Federal Energy Efficiency Requirements Are Outdated and Should Be Repealed
By Jack Spencer

Americans have experienced appliance inflation over the past few years, and it could be about to get worse as the Biden administration continues its onslaught of appliance regulations.
Biden Admin Thinks Gender Dysphoria Is a 'Disability.' It's Not.
By Sarah Parshall Perry, Jo Nielsen

The Biden administration has been known to stretch the law beyond a plain reading to support a desired policy outcome.
Why Are Federally Funded University Centers Pushing Antisemitism?
By Adam Kissel

Now is a good time to listen to the public and stop funding university programs that prefer America's antagonists to America and our friends.
New Documentary Tells Story of Space Force Commander Who Spoke Out on CRT, Wokeness in Military
By Fred Lucas

The "Against All Enemies," documentary is based on former Space Force commander Matthew Lohmeier, who lost his job for challenging wokeness.
ICYMI: Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.
By Jarrett Stepman

Measure 110, passed in 2020, decriminalized several hard drugs. It also set up a fund with taxes from cannabis sales, to invest in "recovery."

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