Hamas Took Their Brother Hostage

November 22 2023
Hamas Took Their Brother Hostage
By Virginia Allen

"When you put your blanket at night, you ask yourself, 'Is Alon cold now?'" says Yonatan Lulu-Shamriz, referring to his 26-year-old brother, held hostage by Hamas.
Here We Go Again: Americans Prepare to Teach Target Another Lesson Over LGBTQ Christmas
By Tony Kinnett

Target Corp., the popular American department store chain, may be in for another round of lessons in the consequences of annoying its consumers with "Pride" merchandising.
Thousands of Doctors Signed an Anti-Israel Letter So Radical, Even The Lancet Won't Publish It
By Tyler O'Neil

The Lancet published a similar anti-Israel open letter back in July 2014, and the authors of that letter went on to promote former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.
EXCLUSIVE: GOP Legislation Challenges Biden Admin Push to Use Federal Funds for Abortion
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Rep. Josh Brecheen, R-Okla., leads Republican lawmakers in introducing two pieces of pro-life legislation challenging President Biden's efforts to increase the number of abortions.
A Speech for the Ages: Bari Weiss' Battle Cry to Save the West
By Cully Stimson, John G. Malcolm

"Do not bite your tongue. Do not tremble. Do not go along with little lies. Be the skunk at the garden party. Speak up. Break the wall of lies," says Weiss.
This Thanksgiving, Don't Take America for Granted
By Derrick Morgan

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not about libertinism.
How Platform That Brought You 'The Chosen' and 'Sound of Freedom' Is Changing Entertainment, and How You Can Join Them
By Virginia Allen

Jeff Harmon and his brother Neal Harmon, who run Angel Studios, join "The Daily Signal Podcast" to talk about their latest movies and shows.
When Has War Ever Been 'Proportional'?
By Victor Davis Hanson

Hamas' savage, precivilizational strategy to defeat Israel hinged on doing disproportionate things Israel either cannot or will not do.
ICYMI: The Root Cause of the Insanity on College Campuses Is Older Than You May Think
By Mike Gonzalez, Lindsey Burke

The oppressor-oppressed worldview that paints democratic Israel as the "oppressor" and Palestinian terrorists as the "oppressed," so prevalent on college campuses, is pure Marxism.

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